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Brodie Fenlon

Managing Editor of News, The Huffington Post Canada

Good Reviews For New Wireless Getty Images

Good Reviews For New Wireless Rules

Industry watchers responded enthusiastically to the CRTC's new code of conduct for Canada's wireless services, including a provision for customers to cancel their contracts after two years without pen...
06/03/2013 02:21 EDT
Benedict XVI Resigns As AP

Benedict XVI Resigns As Pope

Pope Benedict XVI, leader of the Roman Catholic Church and spiritual father to the world's estimated one billion Catholics, will resign as pontiff at the end of this month. Citing his "advanced age,"...
02/11/2013 07:19 EST
Canada's Political Parties Alamy

Canada's Political Parties Neck-And-Neck

Canada’s three major federal parties are splitting national support almost evenly among them, according to two polls released this week. The polls by Nanos Research and Forum Research each show the...
11/23/2012 08:15 EST
11 Questions For ET Canada ET Canada

11 Questions For ET Canada Hosts

No one knows the Canadian entertainment landscape quite like Entertainment Tonight Canada’s leading trio of hosts Cheryl Hickey, Rick Campanelli and Roz Weston. Hickey was bitten by the media bug wh...
10/24/2012 06:02 EDT
11 Questions For Peter CP

11 Questions For Peter MacKay

Peter MacKay, last leader of the federal Progressive Conservatives, will long be remembered for his role in the party's merger with the Canadian Alliance — and the promises he broke to red Tories in o...
10/17/2012 06:23 EDT
Tropical Storm Leslie Barges Into AP

Tropical Storm Leslie Barges Into Newfoundland

ST. JOHN'S, N.L. - Tropical storm Leslie pelted Newfoundland on Tuesday, unleashing hurricane-force winds on a large swath of the province's east coast and drenching rains in the west. Officials with...
09/11/2012 06:44 EDT
Try This Quiz: Canada At The Summer CP File

Try This Quiz: Canada At The Summer Olympics

Canada has competed at 23 Summer Olympic Games, according to Wikipedia, missing only the inagural games of 1896 and the 1980 summer Olympics. How much do you know about Canada and the Olympics? Test...
07/11/2012 01:20 EDT
145 Black Bears Killed In Oil alamy

145 Black Bears Killed In Oil Sands

The clash between industry and wildlife in Alberta’s oil sands took a steep toll on black bears last year, with 145 of the animals killed by Fish and Wildlife conservation officers. It was the highest...
02/22/2012 07:33 EST
Le Huffington Post Quebec To Launch In AP

Le Huffington Post Quebec To Launch In January

A French-language edition of The Huffington Post will launch in Quebec early next year, following the successful debut of the Canadian edition just six months ago. Le Huffington Post Québec, based in...
10/24/2011 09:08 EDT
Gaddafi Captured And AP

Gaddafi Captured And Killed

SIRTE, Libya (AP) -- Dragged from hiding in a drainage pipe, a wounded Moammar Gaddafi raised his hands and begged revolutionary fighters: "Don't kill me, my sons." Within an hour, he was dead, but n...
10/20/2011 07:24 EDT
Predict The Ontario Election Flickr: scazon

Predict The Ontario Election Outcome

Will Conservative Leader Tim Hudak take down Liberal incumbent Dalton McGuinty in the Oct. 6 Ontario election? Will the NDP's Andrea Horwath ride up the middle on the same kind of orange wave that pro...
09/16/2011 11:25 EDT