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Bruce Cox

Executive Director, Greenpeace Canada

Bruce Cox is the Executive Director of Greenpeace Canada. Prior to coming to Greenpeace in 2004, Bruce spent two decades bringing his commitment to the environment to provincial and federal politics and held positions with the Ontario ministries of Energy and Environment and at Toronto City Hall. <br> <br> Founded in Canada, Greenpeace is an independently funded global organization that works to protect the environment. Greenpeace challenges government and industry to halt harmful practices by negotiating solutions, conducting scientific research, introducing clean alternatives, carrying out peaceful acts of civil disobedience and by engaging and educating the public. <br> <br> With over 88,000 members, Greenpeace Canada is one Canada's largest environmental organizations.
Oil Sands Protest: A War of Words, Not

Oil Sands Protest: A War of Words, Not Violence

Non-violent resistance, or civil disobedience, has been with us for centuries and has shaped the world in which we live today. Those who chose to risk arrest on Parliament Hill are not the extremists. They are the front line of a growing group of people prepared to engage in "the politics of ordinary people."
10/02/2011 08:34 EDT
Ontario's Nuclear

Ontario's Nuclear Ostriches

On Wednesday May 25 at 3:30 in the afternoon the Swiss government pulled the plug on their nuclear future. But as they say in the old<em> Monty Python </em>skit, "this parrot is not dead."
05/26/2011 08:12 EDT