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Bruce Hyer

Deputy Leader, Green Party of Canada

Bruce Hyer is the Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada and former MP for Thunder Bay-Superior North. He resides in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
CP PHOTO/Robert Dall

Why VIA Passenger Rail Is Worth Saving

Across its 4,440-km route, the Canadian provides an essential service to many communities without other public transportation options. It attracts large numbers of international tourists to the Canadian Rockies and communities like Jasper, Alberta. It is a globally-recognized symbol of Canada, and graces our $10 bank notes.
03/16/2016 04:54 EDT

Will MPs Show the Courage and Independence Needed to Stop Bill C-38?

Parliament has never seen such an all-encompassing bill as C-38 in its history. The government has shut down debate in Parliament and refuses to split the bill to allow for proper scrutiny. Ultimately, whether this terrible bill passes or not depends on the mettle of individual Conservative MPs.
06/14/2012 09:27 EDT

Why I Quit the NDP (and What Might Make me Come Back)

When I recently left the NDP, the media (and many partisans) wondered aloud why anyone would give up the protection and support offered by a strong political tribe, along with the perks that go with it. I caused a firestorm in Ottawa, in my riding of Thunder Bay-Superior North, and across Canada. Why did I do this?
05/10/2012 10:22 EDT