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Bruce Mayhew

Corporate Trainer / Executive Coach

Bruce Mayhew is an innovative corporate trainer and conference speaker providing essential business communication skills to top companies and their employees.

He specializes in business writing, email and phone etiquette, time management, mindfulness/active listening & communicating and most recently has developed a Masterclass for Millenitude Motivation.
10 Ways To Become A 5-Star

10 Ways To Become A 5-Star Listener

Conversation requires a balance between listening and talking. Whether you are a business leader, a top performing sales person, work in customer service or simply want to be a better life-partner, o...
11/27/2017 16:54 EST
SMART Goal Setting And Time eggeeggjiew via Getty Images

SMART Goal Setting And Time Management

SMART goal setting and time management are two business best practices that help professionals manage important priorities. And, whether used individually or used in unison, SMART goal setting and time management are formidable tools to manage and exceed objectives. First and foremost, you will have greater motivation and commitment if your SMART goal is something you really want. If you dislike a task, even a SMART goal matrix will not get you motivated.
06/01/2017 03:54 EDT
Changing Beliefs At Photo by Phil Essing via Getty Images

Changing Beliefs At Work

Beliefs are the foundation for what we believe about ourselves and the world around us... they may also represent what we WANT to believe about ourselves and the world around us. They begin developing when we are born and we never stop building new ones or reinforcing the ones we already have.
03/10/2017 02:13 EST
What Is The ROI From Email Etiquette anyaberkut via Getty Images

What Is The ROI From Email Etiquette Training?

Studies demonstrate the average business professional spends approximately 90% of their time writing and reading business email. I've seen first-hand that learning to write better emails helps participants get more done in less time, and it helps organizations and individuals improve their reputation.
02/23/2017 03:54 EST
Help Your Employees Motivate Buena Vista Images via Getty Images

Help Your Employees Motivate Themselves

Helping your employees motivate themselves is easier than you might think, and it starts by helping them feel good about the work they do. A powerful approach I teach in my Leadership Training or Executive Coaching is called Intrinsic Motivation. At a high level, Intrinsic Motivation is about helping employees feel one (or all) of the following 4 things.
02/15/2017 07:54 EST
12 Tips For Better Email Richard Newstead via Getty Images

12 Tips For Better Email Writing

Email writing training is one of my favourite topics. I often write about the impact of good (and bad), email writing on our professional success and reputation. Email has gone far beyond sending a simple message. But it's important we don't forget that our email behaviour will help make or break our reputation.
05/07/2014 05:56 EDT