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Bruce Mayhew

Corporate Trainer / Executive Coach

Bruce Mayhew is an innovative corporate trainer and conference speaker providing essential business communication skills to top companies and their employees. <br> <br> He specializes in business writing, email and phone etiquette, time management, mindfulness/active listening & communicating and most recently has developed a Masterclass for Millenitude Motivation.
Eight Tips for Managing Millennials at the

Eight Tips for Managing Millennials at the Office

They're in their twenties; they're hungry. They're coming for your office. They're "Millennials" and many will want to wear flip-flops to work, don't care about spelling, have zero discipline, and expect the keys to the C-Suite. Like it or not, managers have to find a way to help Gen Y. Here are a few techniques for mitigating millennial migration.
08/08/2013 05:26 EDT