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Bruce Muirhead


Bruce Muirhead is a professor in the department of History and associate vice president, external research, at the University of Waterloo, having graduated many years ago with a PhD in History from York University in Toronto. He has written extensively on Canadian trade negotiations since the Second World War, as well as Canadian politics, diplomacy and economic development. His most recent work has focused on Canadian agricultural policy in general, and dairy supply management more specifically, through a project funded by the Norwegian Research Council.
Supply Management Must Not Be Sacrificed for New Zealand and the

Supply Management Must Not Be Sacrificed for New Zealand and the U.S.

Supply management, a sensible regulated system where domestic supply is governed by domestic demand, is under attack from critics who are uninformed about its usefulness and effectiveness for producers, processors and consumers. In short, they suggest it must be sacrificed on the altar of the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations if Canada wants to be inside that grouping which, they all assume, would benefit the country.
03/02/2015 02:57 EST
The False Promise of International Dairy

The False Promise of International Dairy Markets

Is the People's Republic willing and able to absorb the millions of tonnes of dairy that we could ship and, perhaps more importantly, would the average Canadian beneift? I would say not on both counts, and if the Conference Board believes that that will happen, I have a bridge to sell in Florida.
03/19/2014 04:23 EDT
Supply Management is Just

Supply Management is Just Right

Barrie McKenna is at it again -- waging his personal war against supply management in the Globe and Mail. This time, he takes on the chicken sector, claiming it has overcharged Canadian consumers $10...
09/04/2013 04:31 EDT
What the Media Has Wrong About Dairy

What the Media Has Wrong About Dairy Farmers

With reoccurring and recycled negative commentary about dairy supply management in the Canadian media, one would think that it, and not money, is the root of all evil. The question often raised in Canada, and around the world, is this: does dairy supply management, represent a reasonable model through which to license Canadian milk production?
08/01/2013 05:21 EDT