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Buzz Bishop

Dad. Broadcaster. Writer. Team Diabetes Champion. Two-Time Guinness World Record Holder.

Buzz Bishop helped launched the first radio station website in Canada in 1996. For the nearly 20 years since, he has been supplying content across a variety of outlets. From being a radio announcer to print columnist to television guest to blogger, it's hard to avoid this media maven. Buzz is married and a proud father of 2. He grew up in Vancouver, and now lives in Calgary.
As a Man, Why Do I Feel Guilty Being Alone With Kids I Don't Digital Vision. via Getty Images

As a Man, Why Do I Feel Guilty Being Alone With Kids I Don't Know?

This isn't the first time I've been a man alone in a park surrounded by kids I don't know. The last time this happened, I touched them. I felt no guilt, the other parent at the playground was another dad and the children were boys. This latest round of "man alone" happened at a public pool surrounded by moms, when two little girls walked up to me. Why is it that I feel like a predator just watching my kids at a pool?
09/02/2015 07:59 EDT
When Is it Okay for Kids to Fly Getty Images/OJO Images RF

When Is it Okay for Kids to Fly Unattended?

When I was nine years old, I took a train from Kingston, Ontario to Montreal, Quebec by myself. I went to visit my grandparents for my birthday and to attend my first NHL hockey game. Nothing bad happened. So, why was I shocked this week when my parents sent me a last-minute email wondering if my son would like to go and visit them next week on a flight by himself?
09/01/2015 05:23 EDT
13 Times Calgary Looked Like MaksiMages via Getty Images

13 Times Calgary Looked Like Vancouver

I've lived in Calgary for 5 years now, but I grew up in Vancouver. I'm consistently saying C-Train instead of SkyTrain, I know more about the Flames' prospects than the Canucks', and I love the Calgary Stampede like the summer Christmas that it is. But I still miss the coast.
07/17/2015 12:53 EDT
17 Things to Do in the Canadian Getty

17 Things to Do in the Canadian Badlands

You can find adventure in all four directions you choose to leave from Calgary but if you point your compass to the east, you'll discover yourself in the heart of the Canadian Badlands. It is rich fertile prairie soil but also rugged.
06/01/2015 05:41 EDT
The Case For Public School Shutterstock / Creativa

The Case For Public School Uniforms

Think about how you stand when you're dressed formally, versus how you may comfortably slouch when wearing sweats or yoga pants. How you look really does affect how you feel, and how you present yourself, and how you perform. So count me in as a dress code fan.
05/29/2015 06:28 EDT
6 Things My 90-Year-Old Grandfather Has Taught Me About PhotoAlto/Isabelle Rozenbaum via Getty Images

6 Things My 90-Year-Old Grandfather Has Taught Me About Life

I don't take my grandfather for granted. I soak up every single second I'm lucky enough to spend with him. I often wonder if, when I see him, if that will be the last time. After all, he's the only grand I have left. So what have I learned watching my grandfather? What lessons can I take from a man who has made it to 90 and shows no sign of slowing down? Here are six things.
03/26/2015 12:28 EDT
25,214 Bears Fly at Teddy Bear CP

25,214 Bears Fly at Teddy Bear Toss

The concept is simple: Bring a bear, when the home team scores, throw the bear on the ice. The Teddy Bear Toss Hockey Game is world famous, as videos of more than 25,000 bears flying from the stands have repeatedly gone viral.
12/08/2014 01:02 EST