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A bold, innovative online magazine serving the Black community in Canada. is a bold, innovative online magazine serving the Black community in Canada. With over 50 writers contributing on topics ranging from race relations, Black history, spirituality, fitness, parenting, fashion, food and more helps our readers live a better life. And with our detailed Black business directory and events listing, we put all of Black Canada at your fingertips.
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Remembering The Late Charlie Murphy

It has only been a few days since the announcement that you passed away, and as a fan, I was devastated when I heard the news. Whether it was your deep raspy voice, your Brooklyn accent or the fact that you were brutally honest, you left as one of the most memorable comedians of this era. Many people did not know that you were a musician, author and proud father but my hopes are that this letter will describe the true entertainer you truly were.
04/17/2017 12:28 EDT
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Book Of Mormon's Anti-African Racism Is No Laughing Matter

Book of Mormon is currently on stage in Toronto at the Princess of Wales Theatre (for a second time) until April 16. I saw the show with friends. During (and after), I was deeply bothered by it but I could not fully explain why. Was it the black genital jokes? Or was it the mostly white audience who found such jokes funny?
04/11/2017 12:21 EDT
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Rachel Dolezal And Her Fantasy Blackness

What Rachel does not seem to understand is the black experience is beyond liking some photos in a magazine. It's beyond waking up in the morning one day and completely changing your look. It does not include spending hours at a tanning salon, frizzing your hair to get tight curls and going to a Historically Black College or University. Walk in our shoes and feel the sting of being called the N-word. Tell us how much you want to be black when you are in an elevator, and a white person holds onto their purse so tightly as if the only purpose you have in life is to take something from them.
04/10/2017 11:01 EDT
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This Is What It's Like To Be Black In Alberta

As a native Torontonian, I moved to Edmonton about three years ago. Most of my friends left Ontario when Alberta's economy was strong and every year that went by they encouraged me to come for the endless opportunities. They warned me about the racism here, but I thought they were exaggerating.
03/23/2017 04:57 EDT
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Is Racism At An All-Time High?

Recently there have been a string of celebrities calling out people and institutions for racism. Some seem surprised it's happening to them, thinking their celebrity is a shield. While others are seriously emotionally affected.
03/02/2017 01:42 EST
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Why Can't We Let Paris Jackson Be Black?

In Paris Jackson's and many other people's circumstance, being biracial isn't easy. The reality is there are people in the black community who will simply not accept her as being "black," and some white people will think of her as being mixed race. One thing is for sure; it seems that now she is an adult and has had a bit of time to live her life, she wants the world to know that she is black. Can we let the girl live?
02/03/2017 07:02 EST

What Obama Taught Us About Handling Racism

If you think your job is hard, try walking in Obama's shoes for a few days. It is a lesson for all of us; no matter what happens it is always better to walk the high road. Remember that acts of racism are not about you, it is a reflection of how that person is feeling inside about themselves.
01/20/2017 04:22 EST
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Black Women Online Suffer Through A Unique Misogynist Hell

In a male-dominated world, being an outspoken woman with thoughts and opinions you wish to share with others is still seen as offensive. Societal norms remind us that women continue to play a subsidiary role to men. The mantra, "speak only when you are spoken to" holds true to the relentless backlash that women receive when they are perceived as being bossy or arrogant, just for stating an opinion. However, there is a special kind of misogyny that Black women experience online. The kind that has sought out Leslie Jones in an effort to destroy her image and devalue her self-worth.
08/29/2016 08:34 EDT
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Too Loud Or Too Black? Toronto's African Inconvenience

The City of Toronto's recent punitive measure of cutting the annual Afrofest festival down to one day from its original two has made me question how we evaluate this "within reason." What is the threshold of noise, traffic congestion, number of complaints and general inconvenience one should tolerate before the city has to put its foot down?
03/21/2016 04:38 EDT

No Act Of Sexual Violence Should Be Ignored

The officer was quick to side with my attacker, making me feel that because I wasn't actually raped, I was making "more" out of this attack. He made me feel like I should just brush it off as "some drunk guy", and that it wasn't a big deal that this man forcefully shoved his hand between my thighs.
11/01/2015 08:44 EST