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A bold, innovative online magazine serving the Black community in Canada. is a bold, innovative online magazine serving the Black community in Canada. With over 50 writers contributing on topics ranging from race relations, Black history, spirituality, fitness, parenting, fashion, food and more helps our readers live a better life. And with our detailed Black business directory and events listing, we put all of Black Canada at your fingertips.
Ryerson University

White People Do NOT Need Their Own Special Clubs

On a continent where people of colour have been, and continue to be, terrorized, dehumanized, brutally murdered and denied basic human rights based on the colour of their skin, a grievance white people have not experienced, white people don't need to come together to lend moral and emotional support for their brethren in the same way people of colour do. So knowing that some racist folks are hell bent on creating "safe" spaces to fight the "tyranny" of multiculturalism, I'm left with only one question: If white people are losing in our country, who the hell is winning?
09/17/2015 12:18 EDT
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Dr. Dre and N.W.A. Should Be Diminished - But Not Erased

Growing up in the hip-hop culture, I've battled with loving the music and hating some of the speech at the same time. Hip-hop heads who find themselves staring down the barrel of this conundrum, typically choose to embrace hip-hop while being extremely cognizant of its problematic nature. We're forced to view the music by its totality, and that's the mature way to not only view N.W.A. and Dr. Dre, but most human beings.
08/20/2015 05:31 EDT

Body Cameras Will Not Save Black Lives

Mandatory body cameras sound like a terrific answer to holding police accountable for their actions, but the reality is that these cameras will not save Black lives, nor will they even give victims of state-sanctioned violence the justice they and their families deserve.
07/22/2015 05:06 EDT

Why I'm Tired Of Being Told Black People Need to fix Our Communities

It seems every time a black person becomes a horrific hashtag that reignites the dire need of structural change in a system that doesn't prioritize black lives as important or equal, there's always a large contingent of folks ready to utter the same ignorant retort of, "Black people need to fix their/our communities FIRST, before worrying about [insert extreme act of racism here]." This bullshit trope is quickly reeled out by non-black people who are uncomfortable with acknowledging the factually disproportionate racism that we suffer from everyday.
07/13/2015 05:45 EDT

Why I Cut Off My Locs

On Father's Day, I posted a picture on my Facebook profile of my daughter and myself. Well this led to my Facebook inbox blowing up. Not only due to the fact that my daughter is beautiful (yes, I am very biased) but due to the fact that I removed my locs.
06/28/2015 11:22 EDT
Alan Lee

Things I Lost After Marrying a White Woman

"There are good black women out there you know," she says to me. This is the beginning of a short conversation I have with a stranger on the train after my wife kisses me goodbye and exits at her stop. These are the moments that have been a constant since we first met.
06/25/2015 12:45 EDT

Why Don Meredith Is Not an Embarrassment to the Black Community

Don Meredith's fall from grace is seen as a collective one, because there are a lot of black people who see his presence in the Senate as a collective achievement; he's seen as "one of us who made it to the top." We are so eager to see black faces in positions of power that we get caught up in the "excitement" of seeing someone who looks like us on the political stage, and we fail to pull back the curtain.
06/23/2015 01:14 EDT
black father

Dads Who Dare To Do It Differently

Being a black father, I notice people being shocked that I am even involved with my children -- that's about living in a wider racist culture. Black masculinity has always been under attack. This Father's Day I want to encourage every black dad out there to remember you don't have to conform, you can do it differently, if you dare.
06/21/2015 10:51 EDT
Zun Lee

We Need a New Model of Black Fatherhood

The legacy of the plantation will be seen today on social media with single mothers being told "Happy Father's Day." Such open congratulatory shout-outs are definitely a testament to the ability of those mothers. But it's also an open indictment of the broken models of fatherhood existing in their lives. It's sad really, but predictable because the model itself within the black community is in dire need of repair.
06/21/2015 10:30 EDT
Thomas Barwick

This Is What It's Like to Be a Black Teacher in Ontario

A group called the Ontario Alliance of Black School Educators set out to complete the first ever comprehensive survey of black teachers in the province, specifically the racism they face. The survey was only able to reach 148 teachers, but the insight they were able to provide is shocking to those who have no idea what it's really like to be a black teacher.
06/19/2015 05:21 EDT