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C. Todd Brown

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Todd Brown is the founder and editor of international film website, a partner at film sales and production company XYZ Films, the Director of International Programming at Fantastic Fest and a former communications officer for the Toronto Fire Department.

To the TIFF Blogger Who Called 911: Learn What Emergency Means

Today my phone buzzed with the story of a film blogger calling 911 because he was bothered by someone using their cellphone during a screening. It's kind of a funny story to most, I suppose -- one that illustrates just how wrapped up people can get in this odd world. Except I didn't find it funny. At all. On any level. As a guy who spent every day of my working life for eight years trying to keep up with the volume of calls pouring in to 911 -- legitimate calls, each of which carried with it the weight of someone possibly dying -- I find Billington's action offensive.
09/10/2013 05:57 EDT