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Caitlyn Vernon

Campaigns Director, Sierra Club BC

Caitlyn Vernon is the Coastal Campaigner with Sierra Club BC. Since 2007 she has been working to protect the Great Bear Rainforest, support community-based First Nations’ monitoring initiatives, and keep the B.C. coast free from tar sands pipelines and tankers. Caitlyn has a BSc in Biology and a Masters in Environmental Studies (focusing on shared decision-making between First Nations and the province of B.C.). Prior to joining Sierra Club BC she coordinated international development projects in Mexico, worked with rural resource communities in New Brunswick, represented Fisheries and Oceans Canada in marine use planning, and conducted fisheries and wildlife fieldwork in northern B.C. She recently wrote an award-winning non-fiction book for young readers called Nowhere Else on Earth: Standing Tall for the Great Bear Rainforest.
Why is the Country I Love Spying On

Why is the Country I Love Spying On Me?

Last week, I found out that my government is spying on me, Canada ranked worst in the developed world for response to climate change, Canadians rose up against pipeline proposals all across the country, and the media reported precious little of any of it. What happened to the Canada we know and love? Where is the country that holds its head high in the world, a respected leader on human rights and environmental issues?
11/27/2013 07:23 EST
Heartbreak at the Edge of Canada's Tar

Heartbreak at the Edge of Canada's Tar Sands

"Here," said a Heiltsuk friend as we began the walk, "put this in your pocket, it will help protect you." She handed me a piece of dried Devil's club bark, medicine from the B.C. coastal rainforest to carry with me as we walked by Alberta's tar sands facilities. Strong medicine was definitely in order as my lungs hurt, heart ached, and eyes welled up with tears with all that I witnessed.
07/12/2013 09:07 EDT
What Part of 'No' Does Enbridge Not

What Part of 'No' Does Enbridge Not Understand

British Columbians have made their voices heard both inside and outside the formal review panel process Concerned citizens, fishermen, engineers, academics, economists and business owners who have never spoken up publicly about something like this before, have said "no" to the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline. Why hasn't Enbridge headquarters got the message yet?
06/28/2013 01:18 EDT
B.C. Needs Leadership And Vision To Keep It

B.C. Needs Leadership And Vision To Keep It Beautiful

If we connect the dots between all the natural gas, coal and tar sands proposals in B.C., a big picture emerges and the choice we face becomes both stark and clear: B.C. needs a government with leadership and vision to make the hard decisions. The province needs courage to stop building pipelines that would put at risk thousands of jobs and lock us into global warming. We need stewards to protect our collective future wisely, by investing in green jobs and saying yes to a clean energy future.
05/11/2013 01:27 EDT