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Caleigh Rykiss

Personal Trainer, Boxing Coach, Freelance Writer & Body-Image Crusader

Entertainment TV producer by day... Competitive boxer by night... Headpiece designer sometime in between.


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My Top 3 Breakout Body Image Stars of Stuart C. Wilson via Getty Images

My Top 3 Breakout Body Image Stars of 2014

For the most part red carpets are filled with sad, "hangry" stars, full of fillers and botox and empty of nourishment or self confidence. But, if you dig a little deeper you will find that every year there are a few standout women in the spotlight, who are not afraid to breakaway from the B.S. and send a more positive message.
12/17/2014 05:46 EST
5 Healthy Habits I Adopted in my Shutterstock

5 Healthy Habits I Adopted in my 30s

I've always touted myself as a health conscious person with a passion for fitness, but it is only in the recent years that I realize I've been doing things and thinking about things all wrong. Here are a few of the good health habits I've adopted in my 30s.
10/17/2014 09:07 EDT
A Workout You Can Do From Jupiterimages via Getty Images

A Workout You Can Do From Bed

Let's be honest, some days it's hard just getting out of bed, let alone hauling a** to the gym for a workout. So I crafted a workout routine we can all do from the comforts of bed. That's right, an exercise series that openly welcomes eye boogers, pyjamas, night guards and bed head.
10/03/2014 09:26 EDT
Hot Cardio Tricks for the Cold Blend Images - Erik Isakson via Getty Images

Hot Cardio Tricks for the Cold Weather

Summer is OVER, people! At the risk of being a total downer/drama queen straight out of the gates, as of this week, it is officially fall. I've slowly started moving my cardio workouts indoors. So, in order to make my time on the stationary cardio equipment a little less dull, boring, and monotonous, I've come up with a few tricks to make the time go faster and get more bang for my (torturous) buck.
09/24/2014 08:18 EDT
Cottage-Friendly Workout Picturenet via Getty Images

Cottage-Friendly Workout Tips

So, you've come to grips with the fact that the only workouts you plan on getting are the continuous long treks up the stairs to refill your pitcher of sangria. But before you get too comfortable with this soothing summer schedule, what if you could bring workout equipment to the cottage that will increase exercise intensity, reduce total time AND won't even take up space in your suitcase?
07/31/2014 05:41 EDT
Exercise Your Way to a Hotter Sex shutterstock

Exercise Your Way to a Hotter Sex Life

Sex is good. Good sex is great. And great sex... well that's the dream right? While I can't promise that the next guy you bring home will be a God in sack, I can all but guarantee that sweating it out at the gym will help turn up the heat in the bedroom. Now that's what I call an effective incentive!
07/03/2014 12:17 EDT
4 Easy Ways To Start Enjoying Your laflor via Getty Images

4 Easy Ways To Start Enjoying Your Workouts

I realize that not everyone is going to look at exercising as the highlight of their day or the passion of their life. Although there are things about working out that some may never enjoy there are a few things that will make the experience a little easier to digest. Here are some small, easy changes we can all make to start enjoying the gym a just a little more.
06/29/2014 03:43 EDT
Spend More Time on the Patio and Less Time at the Image Source/C. Camarena via Getty Images

Spend More Time on the Patio and Less Time at the Gym

I'd say we've all more than earned the right to park ourselves on a patio, soak up the sunshine and sip that chilled Chardonnay. But, just because there's now a far more appealing after-work option than going the gym, doesn't mean our fitness has to suffer! Here's everything you need to know about minimizing your time in the gym so you can maximize your time on the patio.
06/25/2014 12:53 EDT