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Cameron Fenton

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Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Cameron has worked on climate justice issues all across Canada. He currently works as the Canadian Tar Sands Organizer with @CamFenton

The Planet Can't Handle 5 More Years of Harper in Power

As election day draws inevitably closer, I'm struggling to decide what to do. The planet simply can't handle another five years of Stephen Harper in power. During his time as prime minister, Canada has become a climate change pariah. He's done about as much as one can, both at home and abroad, to stymie efforts to tackle the climate crisis. Building a just, clean energy economy that works for people and the planet starts with a prime minister that understands the basic math that climate action and tar sands expansion just don't add up.
10/06/2015 05:33 EDT

People Power Is Forcing Climate Change on the Election Trail

In the midst of this early election storm, people across Canada started crashing campaign events of all the major political party leaders. Over the past seven weeks, the sight of community groups interrupting party leaders to demand answers on climate has become commonplace. People, and not just activists, across Canada and around the world understand that action on climate change means leaving fossil fuels in the ground. What we need now is for politicians to demonstrate that they understand this, and as we enter the second half of this election campaign we need people power to push them to make it happen.
09/12/2015 08:13 EDT
COLE BURSTON via Getty Images

Stephen Harper's "Decarbonization" Rhetoric Is Hollow

Setting a deadline 85 years from now to stop burning fossil fuels may be politically safe, but it completely ignores the science that tells us we need to leave the majority of global fossil fuel reserves underground, including upwards of 85 per cent of Canadian tar sands reserves. Time is of the essence, and every day is crucial as we work to wean our society off carbon-intensive fuels on to renewable energy.
06/12/2015 05:41 EDT
COLE BURSTON via Getty Images

Canada Needs To Admit It Has No Climate Change Reviews, Plans or Policy

The bottom-line is that Canada needs to get serious about climate change, and that starts with acknowledging that the emperor has no clothes. It's a reality made even more glaring by recent United States Environmental Protection Agency report that found that the Keystone XL pipeline would have a significant impact on carbon emissions from tar sands expansion. With the NEB application period closing on March 3 and hundreds of people across Canada already having applied asking to speak on climate, the NEB could choose to buck from Harper's agenda and include climate change in the review.
02/26/2015 12:28 EST
RomoloTavani via Getty Images

Rejecting Fear and Fighting for a Safe Climate

Our opponents want to divide us between "good" and "bad" protesters while they refuse to choose between clean and dirty energy. They use terms like "extremist" and "foreign funded radicals" to try and scare people into accepting inaction, but we can make a choice that solidarity and our actions are more powerful than fear.
02/20/2015 05:38 EST

Why Energy East Will Fail the Quebec and Ontario Climate Test

Energy East is the largest tar sands pipeline ever proposed. It would facilitate an additional 650,000 to 750,000 barrels per day of tar sands production. This would mean up to 32 million tonnes of carbon emissions each year, the same as adding 7 million new cars to Canadian roads and a larger footprint than the entire province of Nova Scotia.
11/28/2014 12:44 EST

What the US-China Climate Deal Means for Tar Sands

The climate deal between the US and China is a historic moment. It's not enough to match the scale of the climate crisis, but it's implications for extreme energy projects like Canada's tar sands are major. Here are five reasons why. In announcing their climate deal, the US and China committed to "the longer range effort to transition to low-carbon economies, mindful of the global temperature goal of 2℃," referencing the ceiling for warming agreed upon at the Copenhagen climate talks in 2009.
11/13/2014 06:04 EST

Energy East is a Climate Test for Mulcair, May and Trudeau

The filing of the Energy East project this week is a perfect example of this choice and is slated to become the "climate test" for Canadian politicians. Unfortunately, right now this is also a climate test that every political party in Canada is failing. Most Canadian politicians remained silent in the wake of Energy East's filing.
11/02/2014 10:22 EST
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Worried About Falling Oil Prices? Divest and Re-Invest

A recent plunge in oil prices as been driving a steady stream of commentary from leading economic voices across the spectrum in Canada calling for everything from outright panic to 'stay the course'. With oil hovering just north of $80 per barrel, many are starting to question the future of pipelines, tar sands and other resource intensive extractive projects.
10/22/2014 05:21 EDT
Don Wilkie via Getty Images

The Pipeline Isn't a 'Nation Builder,' It's a Call For a People's Intervention

Anyone claiming this pipeline is a done deal is ignoring the fact that Enbridge faces a major uphill battle. The federal government's approval of the pipeline was likely the easiest hurdle that Enbridge had to jump. The Harper government and Big Oil are looking East because they think it is an easier road to tar sands expansion than the road to the West. We can turn this project that Stephen Harper calls a "nation builder" into a movement builder. Energy East, its review and Harper's pipeline plans need a People's Intervention. Now it's our chance to give it to them. It is easy to approve a pipeline, but a whole lot harder to build one.
06/18/2014 12:37 EDT

Why I'm Attending the Tar Sands Healing Walk

I've spent most of my adult life fighting climate change. Here in Canada that's meant that I've been fighting tar sands and pipelines almost as long as I've been able to (legally) drink a beer. In this time I've been lucky enough to travel all across Canada working with young climate organizers all connected by the ever-expanding network of tar sands pipelines.
05/30/2014 05:49 EDT
Gandee Vasan via Getty Images

It's Your Earth. Defend It From the Impacts of Extreme Energy

Climate change is an environmental crisis like nothing we've ever faced because it transcends environmentalism -- it is not a fight against pollution, but a fight against polluters. It is a struggle to change the economic and political systems that uphold business as usual. The climate movement needs more out of each us -- we can't simply click, sign or wish this problem away.
04/26/2014 01:05 EDT
Mark Critch/Twitter

Why We Need to Talk Weather in Atlantic Canada

This Friday, after a "weather bomb" storm, people from all across Atlantic Canada and beyond will gather in Halifax for PowerShift Atlantic. The second regional PowerShift gathering that we've organized, PowerShift Atlantic couldn't be coming at a better time. Here are 10 reasons why.
03/27/2014 05:42 EDT

When Will Harper's People Stop Denying Climate Change?

We have to question whether climate denial is an exception or the norm in the Canadian government, and even if our government's case of climate denial doesn't extend into the Prime Minister's Office, our policies are out of step with believing in, understanding and taking action to solve the climate crisis.
02/18/2014 12:16 EST