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Cameron Fenton

Writer and climate organizer with

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Cameron has worked on climate justice issues all across Canada. He currently works as the Canadian Tar Sands Organizer with @CamFenton

B.C. Oil Industry Expansion: The Perfect Storm

Much like in the salt spray-soaked blockbuster, this perfect storm is a coalescing of a number of smaller systems, but instead of scruffy-faced celebrities at the center, this storm is dead set to converge on the rights of Indigenous peoples, the rights of workers, and on any hopes of a just and sustainable future.
08/13/2011 09:59 EDT

Protest Songs: A Movement in 4:4 Time

In 1795, The Philadelphia Minerva published the lyrics to "Women's Rights", an ode to the suffrage movement sung to the tune of "God Save the King." From plantations, to picket lines and prison cells...
08/04/2011 01:36 EDT

Alberta's Coal-Fueled Plant: A Canary in the Coal Mine

Big coal is making a comeback, and whether or not it can plow ahead may prove to be one of the most important litmus test for the federal government when it comes to making good on the few commitments to fighting climate change they have made.
07/21/2011 10:51 EDT