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Cameron Schmidt

PayPal Canada GM. New Money gives you more control over your funds so you can save, spend, and receive the way you want.

As general manager of PayPal Canada, Cameron Schmidt is responsible for driving the growth of one of the company’s largest markets. He is focused on driving payment innovation and accelerating the growth of digital commerce in Canada. He leads his team to help more than 250,000 Canadian retailers and small businesses grow by selling domestically and internationally. Building on PayPal’s unique strengths in online and mobile commerce, Cameron provides strategic direction to his team to create compelling experiences for PayPal 6 million active users in Canada.
After 10 Years, What's Next For Digital Tara Moore via Getty Images

After 10 Years, What's Next For Digital Commerce?

The smartphone is not only becoming our primary source for Internet use -- it's dramatically changing money, and how we transact. What we're seeing today is a fundamental change in the evolution of money, driven by mobile that has -- and will continue to have -- major implications for retail and digital commerce.
04/18/2016 10:07 EDT