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Camille Labchuk

Executive Director, Animal Justice

Camille Labchuk is an animal rights lawyer and Executive Director animal law advocacy organization Animal Justice. Camille takes on cases and campaigns designed to expose animal cruelty and improve legal protections for animals. Her work includes documenting the seal hunt off Canada's East Coast, exposing farmed animal suffering, and advocacy related to animal captivity, the exotic pet trade, puppy mills, shark finning, horse slaughter, bear hunting, and more.
Veganism: Ontario's Next Official Human VANDAL Photography via Getty Images

Veganism: Ontario's Next Official Human Right

Ontario's Human Rights Code protects people from discrimination based on characteristics like race, age, gender identity, and sex in situations like the provision of services, housing, and employment. People are also protected from discrimination based on their creed. The term "creed" isn't defined in the legislation, but until recently, it was thought to mean the same thing as religion. That is, until now.
01/12/2016 01:22 EST
Election Results A Reason To Be Optimistic About Animal Bob Elsdale via Getty Images

Election Results A Reason To Be Optimistic About Animal Rights

The situation for animals in Canada remains dire, with hundreds of millions of animals suffering and dying every year on farms, in laboratories, in entertainment and for their fur. Parliament has a tremendous opportunity to improve life for many of these animals, and Canadians are crying out for change. The election results offer many reasons for optimism. It's now time for advocates to roll up our sleeves, start working with the new Parliament, and help MPs pass meaningful legislation for animals.
10/29/2015 04:34 EDT
So Marineland's a Sham -- But Will Authorities SRC

So Marineland's a Sham -- But Will Authorities Act?

A Toronto Star exposé this week reveals that Marineland is a house of horrors for the whales, dolphins, sea lions, and walruses trapped inside. This rare glimpse into the misery at Marineland has outraged the public but why has Marineland not been charged criminally and under provincial animal protection law?
08/16/2012 12:03 EDT
Gatineau Steer Shooting: Let's Stop the

Gatineau Steer Shooting: Let's Stop the Bull

Why do we object so vigorously to what these poor animals experienced, yet accept that had they not escaped from the trailer, the steers would have be slaughtered for food just hours later? The only difference is, we don't bear witness to these conditions -- the suffering goes on behind closed doors.
11/01/2011 04:22 EDT
Zoo Elephants Deserve a Second Lease on Flickr: Canadian Starhawk

Zoo Elephants Deserve a Second Lease on Life

The ethical dimension of confining elephants in zoos has generated a great deal of debate in Canada. Elephants are intelligent, sensitive creatures whose physical, psychological and emotional needs simply cannot be met in zoos. Releasing them to sanctuaries is the best way to express our compassion for animals.
10/27/2011 12:41 EDT