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Candice Batista

Eco Expert on The Marilyn Denis Show

Candice Batista is an award winning Environmental Journalist and one of Canada’s leading eco advocates. Her career spans national and international media outlets, where she has used her background in environmental studies and media & communications to produce and report on various environmental and climate issues for primarily television and digital audiences including Huffington Post, The Globe & Mail, The Weather Network, CityTV, Rogers Television, The Pet Network, and CTV, where she is currently the National Eco Expert for the stations number 1 daytime talk show, The Marilyn Denis Show. Candice is also the Editor-In-Chief for The Eco Hub, A Canadian lifestyle website promoting conscious brands, green living, ethical fashion and zero waste. 
Do You Know These Skin-Boosting Weapons Hidden In Your

Do You Know These Skin-Boosting Weapons Hidden In Your Kitchen?

Eat sage everyday, it improves digestion and breaks down fatty deposits that cause cellulite. Enjoy a cup of coffee, but keep the left over grounds. They are a great natural cellulite treatment. Simply rub them on the problem area, rinse and apply your moisturizer.
04/23/2014 12:40 EDT
4 Sites to Fight

4 Sites to Fight Greenwashing

Trying to go green and not sure how to protect yourself from the "greenwashers"? Not sure if a company is being upfront. Read on fellow greenie read on! Here is a list of resources to help you weed through all the enviro-mental claims.
10/22/2011 10:46 EDT