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Candice Bergen MP

Minister of State (Social Development)

The Honourable Candice Bergen, Minister of State (Social Development)

Candice Bergen was first elected to the House of Commons in 2008 and re-elected in 2011.

In July 2013, Ms. Bergen was appointed Minister of State (Social Development). Previously, she served as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Safety.

In 2011, Ms. Bergen chaired the Supreme Court Selection Panel which reviewed and assessed a list of qualified candidates to fill openings in the Supreme Court. Ms. Bergen was also member of the legislative committee studying Bill-18, the Marketing Freedom for Grain Farmers Act, which gave marketing freedom to western grain farmers.
Prior to being elected, Ms. Bergen worked in the financial planning industry, and later ran her own successful consulting firm.

Ms. Bergen has done extensive volunteer work within her home province. She has dedicated her time to various youth groups, and has worked with at-risk youth and adults in correctional facilities.
Ms. Bergen grew up in Morden, Manitoba, and now resides in Winkler, Manitoba.
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Housing First: The Best Way to Help the Homeless

We know that chronic homelessness is a challenge that is complicated by social issues like addiction and mental health. Safe, stable housing is an essential element in addressing homelessness and the problems that can often come with it. This is why the HPS takes a Housing First approach with a focus on chronic homelessness.
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