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Candice Walsh

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Candice is a travel writer and blogger currently stationed in St. John’s, Newfoundland. When she’s not shooting whiskey and hitting on men, she’s eating nachos and dreaming about her next big adventure. Check out her blog, Candice Does the World.
The Birthplace of Pilsner Sure Knows How to

The Birthplace of Pilsner Sure Knows How to Party

I knew I'd like Prague as soon as our bike tour guide said, "Here, beer is cheaper than water." The birthplace of the Pilsner. The holy grail of all party opportunities. Apparently, in clubs, nobody shuts it down until the last person leaves. Thinking it was probably 3 a.m.-ish, I left the club and walked out into bright sunlight. Seriously. That was the first time it ever happened in my life.
10/21/2012 11:56 EDT
Budapest's Glorious Ruin

Budapest's Glorious Ruin Pubs

When I first blogged about my upcoming trip to Budapest, a lovely reader named Tom commented and told me to be sure to check out the "ruin pubs." They're exactly what you think they are -- abandoned buildings converted into pubs and artistic spaces. Gritty enough for ya? And the nightlife in Budapest does not quit.
08/14/2012 11:59 EDT
How to be Classy in

How to be Classy in Vienna

My personality changed with each city I visited in Europe, just like how the people changed. I've always wondered: Is it the city that makes the people, or the people that make the city? Vienna was classy, refined. "Refined" might be an inaccurate word, belittles the qualities of Budapest and Prague. But it's the place of strudels and Mozart and the Hapsburgs.
07/18/2012 03:24 EDT
What Those Budapest Bathhouses Are Really

What Those Budapest Bathhouses Are Really Like

While I was in Budapest, I found myself faced with one of those difficult decisions that all travel writers must face on the road: which baths do I visit, Széchenyi Spa or Gellért Baths? The former had fat old Hungarian men playing chess in their skivvies; the latter had awkward massage moments from masseuses who weren't discouraged by nakedness.
07/11/2012 11:38 EDT
Why You Best Get to

Why You Best Get to Budapest

So the thing about Budapest is that it just kinda takes you by surprise. Everyone raves about Vienna and Prague and all those neighboring cities (and rightly so), but Budapest is kinda lonely. Its streets aren't cluttered with hordes of tourists jockeying for the best camera space or picking their noses in public. So, why was I so surprised by Budapest? Something to do with its beautiful streets and fascinating history, I guess.
07/05/2012 04:56 EDT
Unplug, Relax and Enjoy Your

Unplug, Relax and Enjoy Your Vacation

One week in the Dominican Republic at an all-inclusive resort for a good friend's wedding. This is the place where you DON'T bring your laptop. But, I reasoned, the self-employed don't get vacations. Then I put away my laptop, and I had the best week of my life.
05/11/2012 04:49 EDT