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Carl Thompson

Research writer for IPRONA

Carl Thompson has been a freelance health and medical writer for more than three decades. He specializes in natural alternatives to the synthetic products of the pharmaceutical industry, and is a research writer for IPRONA, an Italian company that produces standardized berry extracts for healthier nutrition. His work has appeared widely in both consumer and professional health trade publications internationally. His most recent book is "Inflammation: A Closer Look at What Drug Companies Do Not Want You to Know," about a drug-free approach to managing arthritis and other inflammatory disorders.
Fight Cold And Flu The Natural Way With Dirima via Getty Images

Fight Cold And Flu The Natural Way With Elderberry

Flu season is likely to peak in February, as the temperature drops and the air becomes more cold and dry. How can we protect ourselves from this inevitable onslaught of flu and colds? One proven, natural way is with regular doses of elderberry, a fruit known for its health-giving and preventative powers since ancient times.
01/19/2016 01:22 EST
Blackcurrant Can Pack A Punch For Getty

Blackcurrant Can Pack A Punch For Athletes

You're at the gym working out, building up a killer thirst and running low on energy, and you gulp down a big-name sports drink, ingesting an artificial mixture of chemicals, coloring and sugar -- lot...
11/11/2015 04:27 EST
Discover a Natural Way to Slow the Effects of Aging in Your shutterstock

Discover a Natural Way to Slow the Effects of Aging in Your Skin

Elderberry has been used as a natural healing ingredient for thousands of years, and its ability to combat colds and influenza is well documented. The natural anti-oxidants in elderberries that have been shown to slow the aging process by reducing the level of oxygen free radicals in the body as well as by improving the flow of blood to the skin.
10/05/2015 05:07 EDT