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Carly Beath

Singer/Guitarist, Hervana

Carly Beath is the singer/guitarist for all-female Nirvana cover band Hervana and an electronic musician who released her debut EP, The Cure to Growing Older, as Carly Rhiannon in 2012. She is also the music supervisor for Toronto-based web series LESlieVILLE.
How Nirvana Taught Me To Look Past

How Nirvana Taught Me To Look Past Misogyny

There's Rock Camp for Girls, getting the next generation of female musicians hooked on writing, playing and recording from a young age. There are female-fronted bands criss-crossing the continent in vans every week -- or tour buses, if you're Beyonce's all-female backing band, The Sugar Mamas.
02/27/2014 05:36 EST