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Carmela Antolino

Media Relations, Communications Professional

Carmela Antolino is a media relations and communications professional in Toronto. Born and raised as a Canadian-Italian, family values and work ethic were engrained in her from early childhood. Being personally affected by organ donation, Carmela is an avid supporter of the cause and hopes to encourage others to register their organs. Being a city girl by day and suburban dweller at night, Carmela finds balance in having the best of both worlds. You can follow her on twitter @CarmelaAntolino.
What My Dad Taught Me Before He

What My Dad Taught Me Before He Died

When my dad passed away it was by far the worst day of my life. All the anti-rejection drugs that were keeping his heart pumping were slowly deteriorating his other organs. We knew this day would eventually come, but none of us really wanted to accept it. Really, how can anyone be prepared to lose their parent?
11/21/2012 07:49 EST