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Carmelle Wolfson

Writer and editor in Toronto with an interest in mental health. Her work can be found at

Carmelle Wolfson is a Toronto-based freelance writer and editor. Her writing has been published by The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, NOW Magazine, Maisonneuve, OHS Canada, AlterNet and Truthout. See more of her work at
The Double Danger Of Being Black And Mentally Sheila Paras via Getty Images

The Double Danger Of Being Black And Mentally Ill

The current inquest into the police killing of Jermaine Carby should serve as a powerful reminder about the deadly consequences of institutional discrimination within the force. Unfortunately, the larger issues raised by this case, specifically, how police deal with blacks and people with mental health issues, likely will not be addressed within the confines of the inquest's recommendations.
05/25/2016 09:37 EDT