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Carol Ann Sokoloff

Author, Editor, and Vocalist

Author, editor, vocalist, musician and songwriter Carol Ann Sokoloff has been called a "multi-talented creative force" (Victoria News). A poet, journalist and children's author, she teaches writing at the University of Victoria (Continuing Studies) and has published the books Eternal Lake O’Hara, New Sufi Songs and Dances, Colours Everywhere You Go, and the forthcoming Anything You Want to Be. Performing regularly as a jazz vocalist and songwriter (using the name Carol Sokoloff for music), she leads the group Trio Espresso, releasing Let Go!, a debut jazz CD featuring original songs in the style of the Standards. In previous work for CBC radio she wrote and co-produced a Peabody Award-winning educational radio series. Originally from Toronto, now living in Victoria, BC, she is an editor for the Canadian literary press, Ekstasis Editions, and the parent (with poet and publisher Richard Olafson) of two sons in university.
Dear James Moore, How Is Feeding the Neighbour's Kids a Bad Twitter: stephenlautens

Dear James Moore, How Is Feeding the Neighbour's Kids a Bad Thing?

When cabinet minister James Moore recently laughed about how it was not his or the government's job to feed his neighbour's children, the country rightly responded with outrage. I have always believed that if we took the well-being of children as our highest value we would begin to make decisions that improve our communities and our planet. We would stop wars (with their devastating effects on children), stop wasting finite resources and start considering long-term effects of our actions including our treatment of the environment.
12/18/2013 08:21 EST