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Carol Mott

Radio hosts, 'The Motts Show'

For many years the Motts, Carol and Paul, have been a fixture on Toronto radio, entertaining, enlightening, and at times enraging (mostly Paul) audiences throughout southern Ontario. <br> <br> Both Carol and Paul originally worked separately, Paul, as news director at CJRN Radio in Niagara Falls during its heyday of talk; and Carol, doing talk, hosting an interview program and writing award winning commercials. <br> <br> They were put together as a husband and wife talk team and the rest is history. <br> <br> Standard Broadcasting wooed the team numerous times and finally the Motts moved their brand to CFRB Radio. After 16 successful years, The Motts have taken their show to the World Wide Web and are carried by four radio stations in Ontario. <br> <br> They can be heard weekdays from 11 a.m. until noon at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>.
Watching the Nightmare Unfold in

Watching the Nightmare Unfold in Newtown

Just now we are getting to know the people behind the numbers. Twenty-six dead, but who are they? The stories of immense courage are coming out, teachers running toward the sound of gunshots, some shielding children with their bodies. I don't know if anything can make this worse, but that this happened at a time of year that fills that age of innocence with such excitement and wonder just adds another level of heartbreak.
12/17/2012 12:21 EST
Stop Treating Two Prank-Calling DJs Like

Stop Treating Two Prank-Calling DJs Like Killers

To those calling for the heads of two young Aussie DJs, who they believe are responsible for the death of a London hospital worker... time to take a pill, people! When MC and Mel, of Sydney's 2Day FM, placed a crank call to London's King Edward VII Hospital, there's no way on earth they could have foreseen, that it might play a part in a tragic event like this. What are these two actually guilty of?
12/10/2012 10:25 EST
The Real Victims of Teachers vs. Dalton McGuinty? The

The Real Victims of Teachers vs. Dalton McGuinty? The Students

The kids are just back to school and already much of what they enjoy in extra-curricular activities is being whittled away. Once again they are pawns to be used in a political game. What do you remember from your school days? I'd venture to say that many of the memories come not from what happened in class but from those extra-curricular activities, the life lessons learned and the great teachers who supported you in that quest.
09/25/2012 05:53 EDT
So Long

So Long Summer!

He says... I don't know about you, but it seems that the last time I checked my watch it was half-past May, and I was still
09/17/2011 09:18 EDT
Last Word on Jack

Last Word on Jack Layton

A lot has been said about the kind of grief Canadians have been showing for Jack Layton. Is it contrived? Why such public spectacles? Is it a true outpouring of emotion? For some it seemed clear they wanted their 15 minutes of fame and would grieve publicly and put on a performance for the cameras.
08/29/2011 02:51 EDT
Somalia's Image Deficit: Helping or Hurting

Somalia's Image Deficit: Helping or Hurting Aid?

Once again the pictures of little children starving in Somalia break your heart. But this time there are other pictures that come to mind too: warlords, pirates, radical Islamists... Many will remember when the world was there to help and just how badly it turned out.
07/25/2011 11:06 EDT
The Naughty

The Naughty Nudist

While some feel there is a serious issue of freedom of expression at play in Brian Coldin's nudity case, there is a time and place to express yourself. I'm no prude, but the sight of some dude with his 'pendulum' a-sway for all to behold, is something I can live without!
07/12/2011 12:41 EDT
Time Flies for Parents of

Time Flies for Parents of Graduates

Clad in her robe and hood, our daughter received her degree. We got to relive that experience as our son followed in his big sister's foot steps... and I scored my second diploma! I say "I," because they are mine! I laid claim to them when the kids were young.
07/05/2011 07:50 EDT
Rob Ford Has a Better Idea? Picks Cottage Over Pride

Rob Ford Has a Better Idea? Picks Cottage Over Pride Parade

Rob Ford has lost an opportunity here to show that he is the mayor of all the people. He had said on the night of his election, "To the people that didn't vote for me I will work hard to earn your trust and I will deliver the change you can be proud of." I hope he changes his mind.
06/28/2011 08:03 EDT
Squeegee Clean? He Says...She

Squeegee Clean? He Says...She Says...

They muddy your windshield and assault your wipers and aerial. And for their 'work' they want to be paid. In Toronto this week, a man waved one of them off. When ignored, he got out of his car, and was beaten about the head. Other cities have run them off, and if the political will is there, Toronto can do it too.
06/13/2011 12:15 EDT
Rihanna's 'Man Down' Video: He Says, She

Rihanna's 'Man Down' Video: He Says, She Says

Did Rihanna's character regret killing her assaulter? Or was killing him was the right thing to do? That was a cold-blooded premeditated murder when there was no threat against her. If that video were the whole story, the woman portrayed would end up behind bars.
06/06/2011 09:52 EDT
Unjust Dismissal?... He Says... She

Unjust Dismissal?... He Says... She Says...

In response to Sean Avery's support for gay marriage, Damien Goddard tweeted his disapproval. A few days later he was fired. How sad that the rights we once enjoyed in this so-called free and democratic society have been so easily trumped by political correctness.
05/31/2011 07:51 EDT