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Carole Kanchier

Psychologist, Coach, Speaker, Author

Carole Kanchier informs, inspires and challenges people at any stage of their lives to be all they can be. A career visionary, she continuously seeks new and better ways to empower people to achieve more meaningful, satisfying and productive lives.

Kanchier has been internationally recognized for her contributions as an author, columnist, psychologist, educator, consultant and speaker in career/life management and self actualization. Her columns have been syndicated by World Wide Media and CanWest newswire, and her articles have been printed in publications such as Psychology Today, Toronto Star, San Francisco Chronicle, USA Weekend, Huffington Post, and Encyclopedia of Career Decisions & Work Issues.

Dr. Kanchier's research based book, Dare to Change Your Job and Life, won awards for excellence and innovation. It provides a unique, holistic perspective of how we grow and change through life. It demonstrates that voluntary and involuntary career transitions are a normal part of growth, and that career transitions are interrelated with other life changes and environmental forces.” Kanchier focuses on the need to strengthen Questers qualities such as purpose, authenticity, and resilience to adapt, succeed and triumph in a dynamic world.

Dr. Kanchier has a doctoral degree from the University of Calgary and was a visiting fellow at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto. She was a professor at University of Alberta, chaired the Career Change Committee, National Career Development Association, and was an Advisory Board member, College Admissions Counseling, University of California, Berkeley, and Adult Education Credentialing, University of California, Santa Cruz. She counsels/coaches, conducts seminars and writes articles for global clients.
What Does Labour Day Mean to

What Does Labour Day Mean to You?

Labour Day is so much a part of our culture that we rarely pause to consider its purpose and meaning. Labour Day is often more associated with fairs and a long weekend, than its original meaning -- a celebration of workers. How has the meaning and structure of work changed since the late 19th-century?
09/03/2012 02:35 EDT
What the Colour You're Wearing Says About

What the Colour You're Wearing Says About You

When I wore black to business meetings in San Francisco, I was perceived as sophisticated. However, when I wore black to meetings in certain small school districts, I was considered aloof. A change of wardrobe colour altered perceptions. What do the colours you wear say about you?
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