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Caroline Riseboro

President and CEO, Plan International Canada

Caroline Riseboro leads Plan International Canada’s operations as President and CEO.

Prior to joining Plan in March 2016, Riseboro was the Senior Vice-President, Marketing & Development at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation. She has also held several senior executive roles in the international development sector, including Senior Vice-President at World Vision Canada where she oversaw its advocacy both nationally and globally –as the first and youngest woman in the agency’s history to serve in this senior role.

Her volunteer leadership positions span across numerous boards and task forces including, Imagine Canada, the Association of Fundraising Professionals GTA chapter, and the Canadian Marketing Association’s Not-For-Profit Council. She has been credited as an innovator and champion of ground-breaking and award-winning campaigns that have engaged Canadians in new ways on some of the world’s toughest issues.
We Refuse To Go Backwards On Girls' Plan International/Howard Padgett

We Refuse To Go Backwards On Girls' Education

When the news broke that President Trump's administration might be ending the Let Girls Learn initiative -- a program that provides educational resources and tools to adolescent girls in underdeveloped countries -- there was an immediate outcry on social media. What reason could there be to end such an inarguably positive initiative?
05/04/2017 03:46 EDT
How Walking To Work Can Help End Child Plan International

How Walking To Work Can Help End Child Marriage

Given the fragile nature of our planet's environment, there are lots of things to think about this Earth Day But this year, I'm thinking about how climate change -- and the droughts that are becoming more frequent and more severe as a result -- is affecting some of the most vulnerable communities in the world.
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This Giving Tuesday, Let's Own Our Canadian MillefloreImages via Getty Images

This Giving Tuesday, Let's Own Our Canadian Identity

Though Canada is far from immune to the forces of intolerance, we generally still self-identify as generous, socially conscious citizens. In this moment of unease and unrest, it's heartening that we see ourselves as the world's helpful, conscientious neighbor. Well Canada, this week we have the chance to put our money where our identity is.
11/28/2016 05:24 EST
Donald Trump's Win Demands That We All Fight Boston Globe via Getty Images

Donald Trump's Win Demands That We All Fight Harder

Hillary Clinton has been called shrill and cold, where a man might be called firm and resolute. Her election journey was paved with sexism and impossibly high standards, and she had to prove her worth repeatedly despite Donald Trump's evident lack of competence and experience in politics. Never before has there been such a clear example of an underqualified man getting the job over a highly competent woman.
11/09/2016 11:06 EST
Girls Can Be Superheroes And Boys Can Be yaruta via Getty Images

Girls Can Be Superheroes And Boys Can Be Princesses

What are you going to be for Halloween? The answer for many girls will be different in 2016: after 11 years as the most popular costume, princess has been beaten out by superhero. Halloween and the costumes we choose are mirrors of our culture, reflecting back to us our values, taboos and norms.
10/28/2016 03:01 EDT