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Caroline Topperman For Busy Professional Women Who Want To Be Fit & Fabulous With A Dose Of Style On The Side

Caroline is a blogger and a writer, who has worked in the fashion, fitness and beauty industries. From owning a Pilates studio which was frequented by professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities to working with international fashion and beauty brands, she has done it all. Caroline’s first book, FitWise: Straight Talk On Being Fit & Healthy, combines her unique voice and experience. Find more of her work on her blog Your no nonsense guide to being Fit, Stylish & Fabulous
Best Hair Styles For Your skynesher via Getty Images

Best Hair Styles For Your 40s

When I look around, there are lots of women with really great hair, but there seem to be so many more with drab, no-style styles or those that insist on wearing their hair up, every single day. It seems like most women in that category fall into their late 30s to 40s. It's as if this is the age where we lose our direction.
01/10/2017 08:51 EST
How To Add Colour To Your Fall brickrena via Getty Images

How To Add Colour To Your Fall Wardrobe

The leaves have been the most brilliant shades of scarlet and gold, but now many of them are lifeless and limp, lying in puddles on the street. There are dazzling moments filled with colour and sunshine and in the next instant, everything is grey. Who can keep up? Maybe it's time that we create our own sunshine.
11/18/2016 02:06 EST
How To Make An Old Coat New max-kegfire via Getty Images

How To Make An Old Coat New Again

I tend to spend a little more on a great coat, which I treat as an investment piece. The only glitch in this plan is that after a couple of years, I might get bored of pulling out the same old coat time after time. So, how do you make an old coat new again?
11/08/2016 03:34 EST
What Clothes You Should Splurge kristian sekulic via Getty Images

What Clothes You Should Splurge On

The question is, how do you know when you should be pulling out your wallet and when you shouldn't? How do you know which piece is a real investment and which one isn't? Even if you can afford to splurge more often than not, sometimes there are better ways to spend your money.
06/08/2016 10:39 EDT
How To Feel Good About Your Nastia11 via Getty Images

How To Feel Good About Your Style

Know your body type. I know this should seem obvious, but I still find myself staring wistfully at store windows, wondering if I can squeeze myself into a dress or top that clearly wasn't designed with me in mind. I hear women complain about their bodies all the time, but there's no such thing as a bad body type. There are, however, poor fashion choices that don't highlight your best assets.
04/06/2016 11:36 EDT
The Truth About calinore

The Truth About Heels

It seems that every time I write a post about heels, I get numerous comments from women basically dismissing the post and telling me that they just can't wear heels. This makes me a little sad because while you can wear whatever you want if it makes you feel good, I don't think you should have to stay away from a shoe just because you think you can't.
02/29/2016 02:20 EST
Bad Style Habits That Make You Look bilderlounge via Getty Images

Bad Style Habits That Make You Look Older

A huge part of staying young-looking is dressing yourself to highlight all of your best assets. Whether you choose classic pieces or trendy ones, just make sure that you are having fun and not taking yourself too seriously. Above all, never ever wear something just because you feel that you "have to."
01/25/2016 03:32 EST
The 5 Best Abdominal Exercises (That Actually Get McIninch via Getty Images

The 5 Best Abdominal Exercises (That Actually Get Results)

We know that there's no great magic to achieving the perfect 6 pack, but rather it's about a lot of hard work and clean eating. This doesn't mean, however, that you shouldn't be working out your abdominal muscles on a regular basis. And these five exercises will provide you with the perfect core-focused workout for all of your ab-based aspirations this year.
01/19/2016 11:31 EST
Beauty Travel Survival shutterstock

Beauty Travel Survival Guide

We all have our favourite beauty products that are a must for travelling and tips and tricks to help us arrive at our destinations looking fresh and bright eyed. But what exactly do you wear, or not wear, when you travel?
12/17/2015 11:00 EST
What Your Lipstick Colour Says About shutterstock

What Your Lipstick Colour Says About You

Red: Passionate, fiery and adventurous are all words that can be used to describe you. You love old Hollywood and anything vintage. There's nothing better than going to an auction during the day and then being the center of attention at a fabulous party that night.
12/03/2015 11:00 EST
How to Incorporate the Colour Black into Your Justin Case via Getty Images

How to Incorporate the Colour Black into Your Look

Black is slimming and the go to colour in many of our wardrobes, so it's easy to wear, right? Not so fast. If your clothing is ill fitting then it won't look good, no matter the colour. In addition, black can easily wash you out and (gasp!) make you appear older and even (insert another gasp here) make you look frumpy.
08/24/2015 12:13 EDT
What Your Purse Says About Paper Boat Creative via Getty Images

What Your Purse Says About You

Open any woman's closet and you will find dozens of bags. Different occasions call for different styles and mostly we tend to wear several hats, whether it be business woman, mom or best friend. Most of us do, however, have that one favourite bag but what does it say about you?
07/31/2015 12:43 EDT