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Carolyn Lawrence

Leader Gender Diversity & Inclusion

An entrepreneur and passionate advocate for shattering the glass ceiling, Carolyn Lawrence has built Women of Influence into Canada’s pre-eminent organization dedicated to inspiring women and delivering the solutions to their advancement.

Since 2007, Carolyn’s leadership of the recognized event series to a new level of success, now with four key focus areas: events, media, corporate consulting and professional coaching. And, today, the powerful forums and resources are shaping the information and best practices for women’s advancement in multiple regions including eight cities in Canada, New York, Washington DC, London & Singapore.

Carolyn has received two Young Alumna Awards: University of Western Ontario where she completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts, and from Branksome Hall. She also holds a Certificate of Achievement from Queen’s Finance Program.

Carolyn holds herself to the standards of a woman of influence every day, determined to reach her own potential and believing in the power of leading by example to inspire women around her. Outside of the office, Carolyn has held volunteer leadership roles for key community fundraisers in the arts and women’s healthcare. She sits on the Executive Committee of the International Women’s Forum. An avid runner, Carolyn completed Ironman USA and has competed in the Triathlon World Championships for Team Canada. She currently has a young son and resides in Toronto with her partner, Matthew.
Sponsorship Can Drive Diversity In The

Sponsorship Can Drive Diversity In The Workplace

Both in terms of formal programs and corporate philosophy, genuine sponsorship is known to be effective at accelerating careers; but, unlike more established mentorship programs, is not at all widely used.
12/21/2016 12:45 EST
Why More Vacation Will Help Your

Why More Vacation Will Help Your Career

Let's give thanks to ourselves for all our hard work and tired bones; let's take a deep breath, relax our shoulders from up beside our ears; sign up to have someone take care of us for a change, and book ourselves a vacation. Exhale. Feels good doesn't it?
10/12/2014 10:04 EDT
Freedom Is Trending: From Fashion to Gender

Freedom Is Trending: From Fashion to Gender Equality

I am no stranger to the search for freedom. I've always been drawn to the open road and I feel inspired by leadership roles and risk in the unknown. And since I'm confessing, I have also been known to resist conformity -- a throwback to school uniforms in my early years, I'm sure. But recently I've been noticing a trend; the word freedom is appearing in unexpected and inspiring places. Is this the theme of a generation of women who will right the ship?
10/03/2014 03:19 EDT
If You Can't Brag About Yourself Find Someone Who

If You Can't Brag About Yourself Find Someone Who Will

It's been said that women don't raise their hand enough for something they're not absolutely sure they can do. Our champions are people who know us. And our champions are awesome because they tell people how great we are, for us. If you're not going to do it, well, you better get out there and find someone who will.
11/21/2013 05:14 EST