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Carolyn Moeller

Mother, Community Volunteer, Bookkeeper

Carolyn Moeller is a stay-at-home mom who loves to spend time with her family. A few days a week she also finds the time to work from home as a bookkeeper for the family business. She enjoys being active in the community by volunteering in her children’s schools, sports teams and local Scout group.

In her free time, she loves to garden, read, scrapbook, and bake. She has also been known to get creative and try her hand at writing! Born and raised in Victoria, B.C., she still resides on Vancouver Island and loves living in the beauty of the Saanich Peninsula with her husband and three children.
Do B.C. Parents Have To Buy Toilet Paper Soon As Part Of School

Do B.C. Parents Have To Buy Toilet Paper Soon As Part Of School Supplies?

Then there is the issue of school supplies. I have watched the list steadily lengthen over the years. This year alone, I have spent $300 just so my children can have adequate supplies for school. Not to mention that their supply lists include ridiculous items like Kleenex, photocopy paper and Ziploc bags. If our schools don't even have the funding to supply children with something to wipe their noses with, then like one parent said to me, "What's next, toilet paper?"
09/15/2014 04:01 EDT