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Carolyn Williams

Owner of The Bar Method

Carolyn Williams is the owner of The Bar Method Vancouver and The Bar Method West Vancouver. Growing up in San Francisco, Carolyn was always interested in fitness but after graduating from UCLA chose to pursue a career in fashion, becoming a buyer for some of the biggest brands in North America. While foraying into the fashion world, Carolyn kept up her fitness regime, running, training and participating in numerous marathons and eventually a duathlon. She attended her first Bar Method class in the Bay Area and quickly became a devotee. In 2008 Carolyn was recruited by Lululemon to act as their Senior Buyer, making the big move from sunny California to Vancouver. She soon realized how much she missed her favourite workout. Identifying a gap in the market, Carolyn decided to embark on the process of opening a Bar Method studio in Vancouver and begin a very personal and impassioned journey. Teaching classes in her garage has grown into teaching and running two studios in Vancouver, first in Yaletown in 2010 and more recently in West Vancouver. Both studios have a devoted following of fitness gurus, professionals, celebrities and influencers.
3 Tips For a Fun

3 Tips For a Fun Workout

Have you found yourself working out less than used to a year, or even a month, ago? Will any excuse do to keep you off of the trail or out of the gym? This is of course not uncommon and something that plagues even the most motivated of workout fiends. What I have found is that the feeling creeps in whenever I stop enjoying my regular workout regimen. Over my 20 years of working out, being running, lifting weights or doing the Bar Method, I have found that these are 3 fool proof ways to shake the exercise 'blahs' and get me back out there, sometimes even with a smile on my face.
10/15/2013 01:32 EDT
Want A Great Bum? Here's

Want A Great Bum? Here's How.

There has never been a better time to have a strong, lifted bum! While gyms and exercise classes are great for that full body workout, you may be looking for something more targeted, which you can do everyday. Anywhere. So here are 3 exercises you can do to get that strong, lifted bum without ever stepping foot in the gym.
09/05/2013 06:41 EDT