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Carson Arthur

Television Host, Landscape Designer

Carson Arthur started his television career as a behind-the-scenes prop coordinator for a national garden call-in show. Very quickly, Carson turned an opportunity to host his own show into a landscape design staple. With international coverage, Carson has become a voice of environmentally friendly landscape design on a global scale.

Look for Carson as the newest guest expert for The Shopping Channel as he rolls out amazing new products for the great outdoors in 2013. Carson is also now the outdoor expert for Better Homes and Gardens Dream Team.
Great Gift Ideas For Outdoor

Great Gift Ideas For Outdoor Dads

This Father's Day, why not give Dad something a little different? While ties, shirts and golf balls are always appreciated, I have a few suggestions that are definitely unexpected but will earn some b...
06/08/2016 01:39 EDT
Use The Backyard To Extend Your Living Space This Carson Arthur

Use The Backyard To Extend Your Living Space This Summer

This concept of the outdoor room has been very popular for years in warmer climates because homeowners can use these spaces for more months throughout the year. Historically, it makes the initial cost investment easier to justify. We are seeing people spending money in their backyards to create outdoor extensions of their homes.
05/20/2016 03:14 EDT
Trending Outdoor Products for Spring Wicker Paradise/Flickr

Trending Outdoor Products for Spring 2015

Spring is officially in full swing and we are starting to see two specific outdoor trends that are definitely taking over the market place. The question of "lifestyle" vs. "investment" is driving outdoor renovations. It seems that there is an even split between homeowners who are making lifestyle choices for their backyards and those homeowners who are focusing on improving the value of their homes. This direction has even been impacting the products that we are spending money on.
04/20/2015 05:49 EDT
Want to Up Your Home's Value? Outdoor Renos Are the Way to Domino

Want to Up Your Home's Value? Outdoor Renos Are the Way to Go

Well, it's finally happened! After my 15 years in the industry, I get to announce that outdoor renovations have officially replaced indoor as the top five upgrades for your home according to Remodeling Magazine's 2015 cost vs. value report. For all of the builders and interior designers out there, now is the time to let the landscapers shine because it is our turn!
02/18/2015 12:56 EST
How To Grow Your Own Kitchen Seb Oliver via Getty Images

How To Grow Your Own Kitchen Garden

Vegetables should not only be restricted to the plant beds. We've been growing tomatoes in containers for years, but how about lettuce in a pot? Salads always taste best when they are fresh and you'll have no excuse with a beautiful urn filled with gorgeous frilled and colourful leaves. Choose varieties that are considered 'Cut-and-come-again'.
07/01/2014 12:35 EDT
How To Survive the Ugly Side of Andrew Wakeford via Getty Images

How To Survive the Ugly Side of Summer

We've all heard that mold in the home is extremely hazardous to our health, but did you know that mold occurs outdoors as well? Our gardens and backyards are actually a great breeding space for molds that are inhaled via mold spores. Our immune systems deal with these mold spores just like an allergy, with watery eyes, sneezing and congestion.
06/05/2014 01:00 EDT
Top 5 Tips For Reducing Yard Work This Jill Ferry Photography via Getty Images

Top 5 Tips For Reducing Yard Work This Summer

I hate weeding. Pretty vocal about this one. I REALLY hate weeding. My secret to avoid weeding all summer is newspaper! We've all heard about using mulch in a garden around the plants to prevent weed growth, and it does work...some of the time. I learned a simple technique of lining the beds with 7 layers of newspaper and then adding mulch on top of it.
04/30/2014 05:36 EDT
Tools to Help Revitalize Your Getty Images

Tools to Help Revitalize Your Garden

When the warm weather arrives, every homeowner has an inventory of outside chores: cutting the lawn, weeding the garden, washing windows and cleaning the eaves are at the top of every list, including mine. Here are some quick tips and items to make your gardening easier.
05/22/2013 12:20 EDT