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Casey Hrynkow

Communicator, Designer, Writer, Mother/Grandmother, Food Activist

Casey Hrynkow was a founding partner of her own 35-year old design consultancy, and is now senior design strategist with Ion Brand Design in Vancouver, B.C. She is a leader in strategic design thinking for business and organizational innovation, as well as communication design and brand innovation.

She helps clients get above the fog and see their business —and their vision for the future — more clearly. Her work has always been described as poignant and thoughtful, allowing her teams to articulate meaningful messages, rich in storytelling and illustrative qualities.

Casey believes that design thinking will create the innovations necessary for our planet’s future, and is strongly interested in not-for-profit projects that contribute to healthy resiliency in our food systems and greater livability in our communities.
Marijuana Dispensaries In B.C. Have An Image

Marijuana Dispensaries In B.C. Have An Image Problem

Marijuana dispensaries in B.C. have yet to define why they exist, who they are for and why anyone should care. They live nostalgically in the anti-establishment, authority-bucking era of sticking it to the man. Changes in legislation and evolving market conditions demand that the medical marijuana industry grow up.
06/13/2015 05:06 EDT