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Cassandra Scrimgeour


Cassandra Scrimgeour is a left-handed, lover of books and all things media. She is opinionated and sarcastic, yet loveable. You can follow her on Twitter @cassandystweets
Wedding Planning: Can it Ever Be

Wedding Planning: Can it Ever Be Stress-Free?

Do you need to please everyone? Automatically I think no, but when it's your closest friends or family making the request, some of whom may be contributing financially, it becomes much harder to say no. A lot of people don't take no for an answer.
03/23/2012 02:34 EDT
Pick: Have a Wedding, or Keep Your

Pick: Have a Wedding, or Keep Your Job

I'm employed on contract. I'm thankful for this. But when this contract ends, what will be next? What if my luck runs out and I can't find anything? The thought of unemployment fills me with anxiety, and a fear I feel in my bones. It's unknown territory that I'm not anxious to discover.
03/16/2012 01:45 EDT
When Is the

When Is the "Right Time" for a Baby?

When she looked up at me with these big blue eyes before fluttering off to sleep with her little hand on my chest, I swear I felt my heart skip a beat and a feeling stirring inside me I've never had before. I know now more than ever that I want a baby, maybe even more than one someday. But can you ever know for sure?
02/09/2012 05:52 EST