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Cassie Farrell

Blogger, Campaign Life Coalition Youth

Cassie Farrell is a recent University graduate from Holy Cross College, sister school of the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. A Quebec native, Cassie is a strong pro-life activist, advocating for women inside and out of the womb. She was the President of her pro-life club at Holy Cross, working as a sidewalk counsellor outside of the "Woman's Pavilion" on the side. She is currently a blogger for Campaign Life Coalition Youth and hopes to work for the pro-life movement full-time in the future.
Hey Joyce, Get Your Outdated Views Off my

Hey Joyce, Get Your Outdated Views Off my Body

Pro-choice advocate and HuffPost blogger Joyce Arthur's views on abortion are ripe with inconsistencies. She bemoans what she believes was a recent attack on a woman's "right" to abortion. But according to parliament, women do not have a right to abortion. The "right" to abortion that's so often touted is about as substantial as the unicorn, and the act itself is far uglier: the antithesis of good mothering.
05/31/2012 10:29 EDT