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Catherine Hernandez

Proud radical mom, children's book author.

Catherine Hernandez is a proud queer woman of colour, radical mother, activist, theatre practitioner, burlesque performer, writer, the Artistic Director of Sulong Theatre Company and the owner of Out and About Home Daycare. Her one-woman show, The Femme Playlist, premiered at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre Oct 2014 as part of the afterRock Play Series co-produced by b current, Eventual Ashes and Sulong Theatre. Her other plays include Singkil, (fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company in associa­tion with Factory Theatre), Eating with Lola (Sulong Theatre and Next Stage Festival, first developed by fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre) and Kilt Pins (Sulong Theatre) and Future Folk (collectively written by the Sulong Theatre Collective, produced by Theatre Passe Muraille). She has served playwright residencies at Theatre Passe Muraille, Carlos Bulosan Theatre, Shaw Festival Theatre and Blyth Festival Theatre. On September 21 2012, Catherine immersed herself in a lifeboat filled with filthy water for 24 hours without access to food. The event, named Operation Lifeboat, raised money and awareness for the unnatural recurring disasters in the Philippines. It involved more than 45 artists worldwide who performed each hour of the event and resulted in over 30 hours of watched video footage and more than 1100 viewers worldwide. She is currently the Playwright in Residence at Nightswimming Theatre. Her children’s book. M is for Mustache: A Pride ABC Book was published by Flamingo Rampant and her plays Kilt Pins and Singkil were published by Playwright’s Canada Press. Scarborough Stories is Catherine’s first full-length fiction and she is so very honored to have received the Emerging Writer’s Award after just trying her hand at the art of fiction storytelling. Scarborough Stories was written after several years working as a home daycare provider to Scarborough children. Learn more about her at
I Made My Wedding Dress For

I Made My Wedding Dress For $150

I am a proud queer radical brown woman who was a single mom for several years, feeding and housing my child on a combination of arts worker wages, home daycare earnings and hustling. So the idea of ever spending thousands of dollars on a dress to wear for only one day of my life seemed preposterous, most especially when I could use the cash to fund my daughter's education. So I made one myself.
09/08/2016 12:55 EDT
9 Reasons Why Topical Steroid Withdrawal Is

9 Reasons Why Topical Steroid Withdrawal Is Awesome

Today is your lucky day. As a fellow Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) survivor who is still knee deep in healing (about eight weeks in, not that I'm counting), I have penned this handy-dandy list of things that make TSW awesome. The truth is, my friend, that when life hands you lemons you make lemonade.
03/15/2016 10:39 EDT
7 Steps To Stop Helicopter Parenting

7 Steps To Stop Helicopter Parenting Now

I have had a few daycare kids whose parents did not teach them how to climb stairs. Ever. The thinking was that stairs were dangerous. Of course they are dangerous. That's why, if my daycare kids have the use of their legs, they need to learn to climb them. As soon as a kid learns to walk, we head straight to the stairs.
01/14/2016 02:02 EST
Responsible Home Daycares Enrich Our

Responsible Home Daycares Enrich Our Communities

I know many of you are as appalled as I am about the news stories highlighting negligent home daycares. It is common that in Canada the reaction is to crack down on that which is deemed "uncontrolled" and to pass legislation which will hopefully protect our young. That said, I believe it is time to fill your news feeds with another perspective: that of a responsible caregiver.
09/04/2015 08:10 EDT
Why Was My Queer Children's Book Too Radical For

Why Was My Queer Children's Book Too Radical For Kindergarteners?

This past May, I was excited as heck when the book was finally published and printed, in my hands and ready to show the world. Only -- not everyone in the world wanted to see it, and most certainly not the school within my district. At Charlottetown Junior Public School, I approached my daughter's former kindergarten teacher about doing a reading to her students. Shortly after, I was told by the teacher that the VP said "not now" citing that the timing would likely create a backlash due to the introduction of Ontario's new progressive sex education curriculum.
06/23/2015 07:57 EDT