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Catherine Little

I'm a Toronto-based educator, consultant and writer.

I'm a Toronto-based educator, consultant and writer with extensive experience in workshop facilitation and presentation. My areas of interest are science, mathematics, STEM Education, digital learning, English Language Learners, financial literacy and parenting.
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How Trying To Learn Ballroom Dance Made Me A Better Parent

On our first day of dance classes, my husband and I found ourselves in a large high school gymnasium with about 50 other couples. The teacher demonstrated something and instructed us to repeat. It seemed simple enough so we followed the instructions and immediately started blaming each other for our failure to look like Fred and Ginger. We tried again and failed again.
11/24/2016 05:17 EST
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Why I Sent My Son To A Tech Startup For Take Our Kids To Work Day

I think I'd feel much more comfortable if my child secured a traditional job with predictable hours, good benefits and long-term stability. Perhaps that can still happen. However, if that is not in the cards, I want to make sure he has started to consider alternate possibilities. Whatever the future holds, I saw Take Our Kids to Work Day as a chance to look beyond traditional workplaces and a chance to expose him to different career paths in a concrete way.
11/03/2016 02:11 EDT