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Catherine McCandless

Feminist, Mother, Wearer of Men's Clothing and Singer of Montreal's Young Galaxy

Catherine McCandless is the singer of Montreal's Young Galaxy. She is a proud feminist, mother, wearer of men's clothing, and doesn't want to know about the Harlem Shake. Young Galaxy’s new album Ultramarine is out on April 23rd on Paper Bag Records.
Young Galaxy at SXSW: Swimming in AP

Young Galaxy at SXSW: Swimming in Hedonism

SXSW has such a palpable hedonism. It is a parade of acts, a carnival of different kinds of food, sunshine, and music heard in every street. Though I guess I am 'here to work,' I would love to experience this festival, as a performer, responsibility free (am I a diva?).
03/22/2013 05:26 EDT
Young Galaxy at SXSW, Post 1: Beast &

Young Galaxy at SXSW, Post 1: Beast & Machine

I admit it. I was going to be coming to SXSW for the weather -- out of a Montreal winter into the warmth and sunlight. I expected to be exhausted and turned off by the clamoring of egos and skinny jeans (I own a few pairs) and throngs of people everywhere. It was a great reminder for us about what is important about playing live and it was a short set so we had to find the magic fast. The crowd made that happen.
03/21/2013 05:37 EDT