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Cathrine Ann

Homeless, Unemployed & Broke (and Worse!) Into Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur, Author & Inspirational Speaker

Cathrine Ann's accolades include starting and being at the helm of a multi-million dollar organization (Consumer Connection Inc.) providing contract work to thousands and winning numerous international awards and nominations for her entrepreneurial spirit and business success along the way. Most recently, her compelling autobiography, 'Beautiful Buttons: A Memoir of Survival and Triumph,' was published and is available worldwide. <br> <br> However, only a few years ago, Cathrine was homeless, unemployed and broke, living a life of hopeless despair. Her true rags to riches inspirational story, is one that crosses all borders and cultures. She is now an inspiration to many people globally, and her story is a testament to the strength, courage and determination of the human spirit. <br> <br>
Eleven Tips for Wooing

Eleven Tips for Wooing Customers

The customer experience becomes more important now than ever in a down economy. Especially when shoppers are now open to the idea of visiting your competition, unless you provided them with a shopping experience previously, that they don't want to trade. The more loyal your customers are, the better positioned you are to survive a downturn.
08/02/2012 05:05 EDT
Balance, Schmalance -- Become an

Balance, Schmalance -- Become an Entrepreneur!

Do balanced people give us a reason for living? Do they challenge us to become better people? Maybe that's why so many of us overachievers and entrepreneurs are not balanced; because we craved passion, engagement, discovery -- extreme intensity.
07/29/2011 02:48 EDT