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Cathy Burrell

Grad Student, Entrepreneur, Teacher and Learner.

Cathy Burrell is a Grad Student at the University of Calgary in the MEd program specializing in Adult, Community and Higher Education. A former retailer and entrepreneur Cathy owned and operated Cavern Clothing Design from 1990 to 2008 and currently is a consultant at Cavern Retail Consulting. Cathy began teaching people 50+ what Social Media is, and how to use it to communicate, and has taught more than 50 workshops in White Rock and Vancouver BC, and in Calgary Alberta.
Who Will Teach Adults About Digital John Lamb via Getty Images

Who Will Teach Adults About Digital Literacy?

Remember when your parents scrimped and saved to buy you 17 volumes of the 1973 World Book Encyclopedia? Well it's your turn to return the favour. Look through a local Continuing Education catalogue. Contact a nearby seniors centre. If they don't have a workshop that suits the older adult in your life, tell them what you are interested in and why. Digital Literacy is an essential part of lifelong learning. At any age.
09/30/2016 01:45 EDT