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Approach Bitcoin With

Approach Bitcoin With Caution

Once you look under the hood of bitcoin you realize that there is an expiry date given the maximum limit of 21 million bitcoins that are "mined" in an increasingly expensive process presently done in massive mainframes the size of football fields. It is also true that the infamous website known as the Silk Road, which trafficked all sorts of illegal goods such as drugs and guns, used bitcoin as the main currency.
07/30/2015 01:23 EDT
Peter MacKay: Ending Sexism Is Your

Peter MacKay: Ending Sexism Is Your Responsibility

Sexism is beyond male ignorance. It is a cultural problem that we all must confront every day, at work, at home and everywhere else. As a lawyer and a Senator who is currently tabling a bill (Bill S-217) designed to increase gender equality in the private sector's leadership, I cannot stand by and be silent. I find it extremely perplexing that the government's Minister of Justice believes that gender equality is not his concern. It is unacceptable for a Minister of Justice to be ignorant of the injustice of sexism.
07/07/2014 05:48 EDT
Look Who's Calling the Kettle

Look Who's Calling the Kettle Black

I recently read that the Premier of Saskatchewan, Mr. Brad Wall, is supporting the call for the abolishment of the Senate in light of the expense scandals. He says that the Senate "hasn't the credibility that it should have." I have to admit that I find these statements quite ironic coming from Premier Wall.
07/15/2013 01:52 EDT
Mr. Poilièvre, the End Does Not Justify the

Mr. Poilièvre, the End Does Not Justify the Means

Dear Mr. Poilièvre: Everyone knows how little empathy the government, including yourself, has towards unions. In reality, Bill C-377 is your way of attacking a workers freedom of association. As a Senator, I refuse to take advice from someone who is against a firearms registry but is in favour of creating a registry of union data.
05/01/2013 05:24 EDT
Joyce Murray: The Only Candidate Who Wants Canada to

Joyce Murray: The Only Candidate Who Wants Canada to Win

"With Justin Trudeau, we could win." "Could"? The possibility of winning simply isn't enough! We MUST win! And we must win for all the Canadians who are suffering, day after day, from the retrograde politics of Stephen Harper's government. Joyce Murray is the only candidate who wants Canada to win. She has a plan -- one that will bring us victory and help us restore Canada to the country that we know and love.
03/07/2013 12:17 EST
Prison: Not a Cure for Child

Prison: Not a Cure for Child Murderers

Should we challenge mental health experts? Challenge the justice system on the grounds that we do not agree with a single, solitary verdict? On the grounds that the crime is particularly horrendous? Should we accept that a government is using a single, solitary court decision that it disagrees with and that causes public outcry to change the laws?
12/14/2012 05:32 EST
Grey Seal Cull: Making the Ethical

Grey Seal Cull: Making the Ethical Choice

The main argument of those who oppose the grey seal cull is that there is no market for seal-derived products. But this market is so successful that Canadian products were exported to 35 countries between 2005 and 2011, bringing in US$70 million. It is more ethical to humanely and sustainably harvest animals and subsequently market them, then it is to harvest them only to let them rot.
11/19/2012 12:55 EST
Bill C-38 Ate Away All of Canada's Social

Bill C-38 Ate Away All of Canada's Social Progress

Bill C-38 will wreak havoc on provincial budgets through measures that will shift costs onto provincial social programs. This is but one of the ways in which the Conservative government is determined to use legislation to bully and weaken its opponents, as well as the quality of democratic debate.
06/22/2012 12:09 EDT
Tories' Orwellian Stranglehold on the

Tories' Orwellian Stranglehold on the Press

The Conservative government, and the new CBC/Radio-Canada code of ethics violate the principles of independence, and impartiality that are so closely associated with the profession of journalism, and are a serious threat to the preservation of Canadian democracy, where freedom of the press is a fundamental value enshrined in our Constitution.
05/05/2012 12:14 EDT
In Defense of Seal

In Defense of Seal Hunting

<img alt="2012-04-17-sealbanner.jpg" src="" width="300" height="85" /> As of today, the natural balance of the Atlantic Coast's ecosystem is at risk because of the reduction in hunting, the threat of abolition and the recent overpopulation of the Harp seal. In Canada, seal hunters value utilizing this resource to its full potential demonstrating their communities' full commitment to respecting nature.
05/02/2012 01:12 EDT
Quebec Senators United Against

Quebec Senators United Against C-10

Here in Quebec, we have an original approach to youth crime that works. In 2010, the severity of youth crime in Quebec was the lowest in Canada, proof that we are not "soft" on crime but rather that we are smart and "tough" on its root causes. But now the Harper government wants to ignore the evidence and change that approach.
02/29/2012 05:25 EST