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Chakameh Shafii

CEO @TranQool, Entrepreneur & Mental Health Advocate

Chakameh is the Co-founder and CEO of TranQool, an online platform designed for Canadians living with mental distress.It was Chakameh’s personal struggles with anxiety that triggered the idea for TranQool. She was inspired to build a solution after hearing from others and experiencing first-hand the challenges of access to mental health resources.
Making Mental Health Training A

Making Mental Health Training A Priority

Imagine a version of you that's in perfect shape. A version that eats healthy, works out daily, and cut down on caffeine. When we think about the perfect version of our life story we each have an ideal life we aspire to live. Ask yourself this: Do you know the details of how you achieved this ideal life? Most of us won't know every little detail, but isn't it true that having that ideal case inspires us?
06/13/2017 03:01 EDT
Decide On Your Definition Of Deborah Harrison via Getty Images

Decide On Your Definition Of Success

Most of us have heard this at least once in our lives. But if we can't achieve the perfect life we have dreamed of our whole life, then what's the point? How can we expect ourselves to be happy? Trying to achieve the society's definition of success won't bring all of us happiness.
12/21/2016 04:51 EST
Successful Entrepreneurs Need To Be Selfish shutterstock

Successful Entrepreneurs Need To Be Selfish Sometimes

I think becoming an entrepreneur is not as hard as some might think, but staying an entrepreneur with passion and drive is not for everyone. It's not a label of courage or wisdom by any means, it's about one's personality. But when you've decided to build a business you need to do all it takes, without burning out, and this could mean being selfish.
08/03/2016 01:40 EDT
4 Tips For Dating Someone With Sam Edwards via Getty Images

4 Tips For Dating Someone With Anxiety

Your partner might have had their anxiety long before you came along and you can't try to "fix them". Remember to pay attention to your mental health and well-being. By leading an active lifestyle not only do you feel better but you encourage your partner to stay healthy.
07/11/2016 10:38 EDT
4 Things That Will Help You Love Your Robert Daly via Getty Images

4 Things That Will Help You Love Your Job

I think many other entrepreneurs would agree with me when I say coming to work every day gives me a kind of joy nothing else can replace. Feeling like I have an impact and can change someone's way of living through TranQool lets me work longer hours and not regret a single day of it.
01/05/2016 04:01 EST