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Charity Gaspar

Creator, Life After (My) Kids

Charity is the author and creator of the site Life After (My) Kids -- rants, raves and reflections of everything in life (after kids).

Charity's life after kids began in 2002 when she became part of her (now) 14-year-old step-son's life. She is the mother of two (spirited boys), four and six years old. Her candid approach to life and parenting are reflected in her writing. You can connect with Charity on twitter: @LifeAfterMyKids or through her website:
Dealing With My Mother-in-Law's Brain

Dealing With My Mother-in-Law's Brain Tumour

A brain tumour is a scary thing. You can't see it growing, you can't feel it growing. It hides behind your eyes and watches you live your life... waiting until someone notices something a little "off" about you. My mother-in-law had a malignant brain tumour. Everyone's experience with one is different. This is hers.
10/29/2012 05:37 EDT