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Charles Kelly

President, B.C. Ready-Mixed Concrete Assn.

Charles Kelly became the president of the B.C. Ready-Mixed Concrete Association in 2012. The group represents the $1.5 billion industry which employs about 10,000 people.

He has been a Vancouver businessman who maintained a national and international consulting practice with offices in Ottawa and Vancouver for over 25 years.

A graduate of Queen’s University, Charles began his career as the executive assistant to Canada’s ministers of state responsible for finance and urban affairs and housing. He is a senior fellow at the Institute on Governance.
Prince George Wood Centre Is An 'Affront To Flickr: BC Gov

Prince George Wood Centre Is An 'Affront To Citizens'

The most outlandish move was to promote the Wood Innovation and Design Centre as a 10-storey, wood frame building, making it the tallest wood structure in the world. What about building codes, safety assessments, economic viability, and financial feasibility? Evidently, this government felt those are questions more suitably dealt with after the fact. That simply is not good and responsible government.
03/28/2013 04:37 EDT