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Chelsea Turner

Documentary Filmmaker, Writer, Actor

Chelsea Turner is a documentary filmmaker, writer, and actor based in Vancouver B.C. She has worked on CBC Television documentaries for The Nature of Things with David Suzuki, including "The Last Grizzly of Paradise Valley" and the recent four-part miniseries "Wild Canada."
Chelsea Turner

My Quest With Dad To Film Wild Wolves On B.C. Coast

The next morning everything changes. A hunting guide has arrived and anchored his boat next to us. Even though this area is part of a provincial park, the wolves have no protection. In B.C., it's legal to kill a wolf regardless of age and sex. After weeks of longing for the wolves to show themselves I am now praying that they stay hidden in the forest.
07/04/2014 07:18 EDT
Charlie Russell

Bears Are My Neighbours, And You Wouldn't Slaughter Your Neighbours

How can I spend time in the company of these animals, get to know them as individuals, and allow them to become at ease in my presence... knowing that the very next day trophy hunters could arrive and kill them? How can I look into the eyes of a bear and witness the intelligence and personality looking back at me, and then abandon that creature to fate? That's when I decided to join in the fight.
03/30/2014 01:19 EDT