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Chelsea Vowel

Métis from Lac Ste. Anne, Alberta. BEd, LLB.

Chelsea Vowel is Métis from the Plains Cree speaking community of Lac Ste. Anne, Alberta. She currently lives in Montreal, Quebec. Her passions are: education, Aboriginal law, the Cree language, and roller derby. She holds a BEd, an LLB and is working on a BCL.

Harper and the First Nations Speak Different Languages

When Prime Minister Harper acknowledges they are on Algonquin territory, they don't mean it because that would require acknowledging the sovereignty of the Algonquin people over those lands. To government, the words are just platitudes. Something you say when you're dealing with Indians. Empty phrases.
01/25/2012 05:53 EST

Newsflash: I Can Use an iPhone and Still Follow Indigenous Tradition

The idea that indigenous traditions require us to only use technologies that were available to us pre-Contact, or more generously just a bit post-Contact, is silly. If silly was all we were dealing with, then I'd let it be. But silly ends up translating into policy, and I have to take that seriously.
01/17/2012 05:52 EST
Sean Kilpatrick, CP

What Is Chief Spence Hiding?

No proof is offered to support the assertion that she is hiding anything at all, it is merely seen as obvious. The question people should be asking if they are honestly interested is, "Why is Chief Spence rejecting third-party management?"
12/15/2011 12:14 EST

The Idiot's Guide to First Nations Taxation

If you believe that only people contributing to these particular tax revenues should receive social programming, then you and I disagree on a fundamental philosophical level that is beyond the scope of First Nations taxation. I'd even suggest you disagree with a general Canadian belief.
12/15/2011 08:46 EST

Attawapiskat: You Want to Be Shown the Money? Here it Is.

Reading the news coverage on Attawapiskat doesn't feel very healthy sometimes. There are so many racist rants and outright ignorant responses that it can bog you down. Where do you even begin? Well, you can try to answer questions with facts. Here are some of those facts, if you're interested.
12/06/2011 10:02 EST