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Cheryl Hickey

Television Icon and ET Canada Host

With a lifelong passion for entertainment, Cheryl Hickey has dazzled audiences since she was born. With a start in radio, Cheryl made the jump to on-camera, working as a host for the New VR Station, and Global Television, covering a wide variety of beats. While at Global, she co-created her own documentary around TIFF, which led to her appointment of host for Entertainment Tonight Canada, interviewing the highest-profile celebrities across the globe, including George Clooney and Oprah. In addition to her television work, Cheryl has a deep commitment to philanthropy and the support of children’s causes, lending her support as host for several high-profile charitable events across the country.
I Didn't Like the Products Available for My Family, So I Made My

I Didn't Like the Products Available for My Family, So I Made My Own

After I had my baby, I began to feel a huge responsibility to educate myself on what is out there for mother and baby. I became increasingly frustrated with the marketplace. If something was safe for baby and me, it was overly expensive, wouldn't last very long, and had a lengthy list of ingredients I didn't recognize.
03/02/2015 08:40 EST
Natural Beauty Tips for a Happy Healthy

Natural Beauty Tips for a Happy Healthy You

The benefits of natural beauty products have always been very important to me. And now that I have kids, I'm extremely conscious of what goes on their skin. Avoiding synthetic chemicals that I can't pronounce and choosing natural alternatives helps keep everyone healthy, and looking fabulous.
02/27/2015 09:10 EST