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Cheryl Hotchkiss

Senior Manager of Advocacy and Public Engagement, World Vision Canada

Cheryl Hotchkiss is World Vision Canada’s Senior Manager of Advocacy and Public Engagement. She works with a team to involve Canadians in activities that change and challenge the causes and consequences of child poverty overseas. Cheryl has two children, a 13-year-old boy and an 11-year-old girl, who spend their non-school time at hockey rinks and a dance school in Waterloo, Ontario.
Helping Child Labourers Who Hike for Their

Helping Child Labourers Who Hike for Their Lives

Luisa spends most of her life on a sweltering treadmill, just to help keep herself and her family alive. It's amazing to think that while we take every precaution to make sure our children stay safe and well hydrated on our hikes and walks, there are children whose very lives depend on their making long, dangerous walks.
06/03/2015 05:21 EDT
My Prayer for Moms Around the World on Mother's

My Prayer for Moms Around the World on Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, I look at my kids and think how blessed I am. Not just because I've had a chance to raise them, with all of the love, pride and fun that brings to my life. But because doing so has been a joyful experience. I've been able to nourish them, keep them warm, and send them off to school in the morning.
05/10/2015 07:46 EDT
Canadian Retailers Must Put Child Labour on the

Canadian Retailers Must Put Child Labour on the Agenda

Today's products come to you courtesy of a whole string of contractors and subcontractors, each with different employment and safety standards. Moving down the supply chain, you often find children forced to work in brutal, dangerous conditions for very little pay. Hours are so long that many have no chance to continue in school, relegating them to lifetimes of low-paid labour.
06/02/2014 12:46 EDT
Let's Not Forget the Mothers of Child Labourers This

Let's Not Forget the Mothers of Child Labourers This Weekend

Many moms are wakened on Mother's Day by an ominous clattering in the kitchen: your loving-hearted children preparing to surprise you with coffee or hot chocolate in bed. There's also that cinnamon toast or oatmeal positively doused with sugar. What many moms don't realize is that such meals usually come courtesy of a whole crew of children.
05/09/2014 12:23 EDT
The Scary Truth About Halloween

The Scary Truth About Halloween Candy

Halloween is a hoot for Canadian kids, but a closer look at how candy is made could reveal a scary truth. Two key ingredients in Halloween treats -- chocolate and sugar -- might contain disturbing amounts of child labour in their supply chains. Thousands of children work in 3D jobs (dirty, dangerous and degrading) on cocoa plantations, mainly in West Africa.
10/31/2013 01:56 EDT
Give Ethically This Valentine's

Give Ethically This Valentine's Day

Canadians clearly love chocolate. Each of us consumes an average of 5.5 kg of chocolate per year. This February, I'm asking Canadians to join me in purchasing chocolate that's free from child labour. An estimated 2-million children work in the cocoa industry. But Canadian chocolate lovers do have several ethical options.
02/08/2013 05:27 EST
How to Back-to-School Shop --

How to Back-to-School Shop -- Ethically

As a mom starting to equip two children for back to school, the shopping process is doubly consuming. That's why I'm starting so early this year. As leader of a World Vision campaign called "End Child Slavery," I can't ignore what I've learned about the role children play in producing many of the items on our store shelves.
07/31/2012 07:42 EDT