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Cheryl Muir

Author. Entrepreneur. Behind The Manuscript host.

Cheryl Muir is an author, entrepreneur and the host of Behind the Manuscript. Cheryl is motivated by two driving forces – empowering upcoming writers to finally write the book they dream of, and providing readers with rich, enticing worlds to lose themselves in. Surviving against the odds, Cheryl overcame bullying, sexual assault and addiction to build a business around the one thing that provided comfort during those years – writing.

To read the first three chapters of Cheryl’s erotic crime thriller, Angel of the Night, click here -
Here's Why You Never Get Around To Writing That undrey via Getty Images

Here's Why You Never Get Around To Writing That Book

We're not in medieval times. A time when only monks held the ability to read and write and monasteries housed the majority of the free world's books, handing the Church of England tremendous power over the everyman and everywoman living in poverty and voluntary ignorance. A period in history when you could only craft words skillfully -- or at all -- if you possessed status and wealth.
10/18/2016 10:00 EDT
We Need To Stop Judging Submissive Fuse via Getty Images

We Need To Stop Judging Submissive Men

As a romance author, I'm constantly bumping up against a rather awkward subject. An elephant in the room, if you will. What am I talking about? 50 Shades of Grey. Yes, it has been a number of years since its release. Yes, it's absolutely relevant to the conversation on sexuality. And I'll tell you why.
08/24/2016 10:47 EDT
7 Signs You're A Jupiterimages via Getty Images

7 Signs You're A Writer

I would never be so arrogant to say I have all the answers and of course the topic of "What makes someone a writer" is incredibly subjective, but in my experience, there are many signs informing you that you are indeed destined to to string words together during your time on this blue and green orb. Here are seven of them.
08/04/2016 08:05 EDT
How To Write Sales Copy Without Feeling Like A Ron Chapple Stock via Getty Images

How To Write Sales Copy Without Feeling Like A Sleazebag

As a British-born Canadian, I have an intercontinental double-whammy of humble pie. One advantage I have in this realm -- I'm a writer with a Public Relations background. Thankfully, these two opposing sides balance one another out and I'm confident expressing my skills and promoting my services through the written word, and I do so without feeling like a sleazebag. But it's not like that for everyone.
07/27/2016 10:51 EDT
New Entrepreneurs Have ROI Backwards. Here's shutterstock

New Entrepreneurs Have ROI Backwards. Here's Why.

It's about choosing the right consultant or strategist that will give you such a ridiculous return on your investment that laying down the cash isn't even a question. That's what ROI is - you invest, and you get a return. It's that simple.
07/13/2016 03:40 EDT
10 Struggles All Online Entrepreneurs Can Relate Paul Bradbury via Getty Images

10 Struggles All Online Entrepreneurs Can Relate To

Freedom is one of my top values and I truly appreciate having the power to choose my schedule and work location. That all being said, there are some quirks to this lifestyle and that's what I'm covering right here. If you're an online entrepreneur -- or if you work from home on the regular -- this will be right up your street.
07/07/2016 12:36 EDT
Stop 'Should-ing' All Over Your Side Jupiterimages via Getty Images

Stop 'Should-ing' All Over Your Side Hustle

I should write that promotional email. I should post twice a day in Facebook groups. I should keep pushing through even though I want to have lunch in the sun and relax for 30 minutes. Sound familiar? There are so many "shoulds" when it comes to business. There's one main reason this is happening to you.
06/28/2016 05:48 EDT
Having A Day Job Doesn't Make You Less Of An Sam Edwards via Getty Images

Having A Day Job Doesn't Make You Less Of An Entrepreneur

I used to think that having a day job made me less of an entrepreneur. Now look back and realize I was simply an entrepreneur at an early stage of her journey. There are many of you who are currently experiencing this. So if you're reading these words from your office cubicle, I have some encouragement for you. There is a long list of business moguls who rolled up their sleeves and worked a 9-to-5 as they built their empire. Here are just three of them.
05/30/2016 01:04 EDT
Why You Need To Write Like Nobody's Snap2Art_RF via Getty Images

Why You Need To Write Like Nobody's Reading

Want to know a little secret? My novel focuses on sex, violence and money so it's near impossible for me to publish it without offending someone. So I thought, f*ck it. I'm going to write whatever the hell I want, and once it's out into the world, I let go of the outcome. Criticism, praise, or worse, crickets -- I'll take it all on the chin. As long as I know I've written what I wanted to, that in my mind equals literary success.
05/09/2016 06:21 EDT