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Cheryl Muir

Author. Entrepreneur. Behind The Manuscript host.

Cheryl Muir is an author, entrepreneur and the host of Behind the Manuscript. Cheryl is motivated by two driving forces – empowering upcoming writers to finally write the book they dream of, and providing readers with rich, enticing worlds to lose themselves in. Surviving against the odds, Cheryl overcame bullying, sexual assault and addiction to build a business around the one thing that provided comfort during those years – writing.

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Why Warrenrandalcarr via Getty Images

Why "No Idea Is An Original Idea" Is A Lie

If an idea comes from your brain, and you haven't looked at or compared or copied anyone else's work in order to conceive that idea, then guess what -- that's an original idea. What usually happens though is we get all excited, think the idea is brilliant, and then we Google it like a crazy person and our hearts sink when we see something similar has been done before. But here's the thing: The fact that someone has created this before doesn't mean your idea isn't original.
04/19/2016 04:46 EDT
How To Race Through Your To-Do List Like A crossstudio via Getty Images

How To Race Through Your To-Do List Like A Pro

How have I become someone who can get sh*t done when the pressure is on? Admittedly, I have to give a shout-out to the corporate world for this, as it provided a fertile ground for honing my skills in blazing through my to do list, skills which have proved invaluable as a busy entrepreneur.
04/12/2016 03:43 EDT
Read This Before You Ask For That Business Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

Read This Before You Ask For That Business Favour

I receive requests that are gross and slimy. You know the type -- "It would be mutually beneficial to our businesses for us to have a meeting." No, it wouldn't. It would be beneficial to you to get free info from me and/or for you to try and sell me something I don't need. And hey, I'm not knocking the hustle. But be honest about it and save us both some time.
04/06/2016 11:22 EDT
Simple House Rules For Better Work-Life Geri Lavrov via Getty Images

Simple House Rules For Better Work-Life Balance

You're working your tail off, and yes, you are getting enquiries, invitations to speak at events and so on. But if you have that feeling in the pit of your stomach that something isn't right -- you don't feel valued or respected, or worse, you feel taken advantage of -- then it's time to set stronger boundaries in your business.
03/30/2016 02:44 EDT
Why Sharing Your Shame Is Good For Meng Yiren via Getty Images

Why Sharing Your Shame Is Good For You

Shame. It's not the type of subject you would openly discuss at your friend's baby shower. Nor is it the topic du jour at the local yoga studio as you head in for your morning workout. Nobody wants to talk about shame or -- more specifically -- the one event, experience or lifestyle choice that has led to them feeling shameful. But choosing to do so can change your life.
02/19/2016 04:27 EST
3 Reasons To Let Your Weirdo Light Shine Yuryimaging via Getty Images

3 Reasons To Let Your Weirdo Light Shine Bright

You would think, wouldn't you, that after six years of personal development, therapy, spirituality and general soul-searching, that I would know myself pretty well by now. But it turns out that while sometimes you find yourself through meditation, there other moments when you realize who you are by watching your favourite TV show.
11/05/2015 02:16 EST
11 Problems All Writers yulkapopkova via Getty Images

11 Problems All Writers Face

Writing saved my life. And it's not a dramatic or a grandiose statement. You see, when I was at the darkest point in my life -- when I was 15-years-old and in the midst of two years of intense bullying at high school -- writing was my respite.
08/12/2015 08:06 EDT
4 Signs You Have Outgrown Your Circle of Klubovy via Getty Images

4 Signs You Have Outgrown Your Circle of Friends

Here's the deal: when you change your life, some people aren't meant to stick around. When you think about it, it makes sense. If we are the sum of our five closest friends and you're striving to do more and be more, it stands to reason that your set of five close friends will change over time. And yep, you guessed it, I'm writing about this because it happened to me recently.
07/29/2015 12:58 EDT
What I Learned From Skipping My Jessica Peterson via Getty Images

What I Learned From Skipping My Speech

I gave a speech at my Toastmasters club Wednesday night. The speech was a success, but I felt massively sheepish walking into the club. Why? Because I felt like there was an elephant in the room. What the elephant represented to me is the fact I was supposed to give a speech at the last meeting and I didn't. I bailed.
07/12/2015 09:20 EDT
Three Signs You Have an Upper Limit Pixland via Getty Images

Three Signs You Have an Upper Limit Problem

Psychologist Gay Hendricks theorizes that we all have an upper limit problem. He says we have an inner thermostat where we set how much love, happiness, success and money we feel we deserve. If we go beyond this self-imposed limit, we do something to sabotage ourselves to bring us back down to that old and familiar level.
06/26/2015 12:59 EDT
5 Things Sabotaging Your Shutterstock / Maridav

5 Things Sabotaging Your Happiness

I naturally look on the bright side of any situation. It can, incidentally, be incredibly irritating for those who are pessimists. Despite a natural inclination towards the sunny side, I have learned some things threaten to sabotage my happiness.
06/10/2015 06:11 EDT
How My Greatest Fear Became My Greatest Getty Images/Flickr RF

How My Greatest Fear Became My Greatest Strength

All the reasons, all the excuses, all the times I've said "I've been busy" -- they all amounted to the same thing. I was absolutely petrified of getting back behind the wheel. The thought made me feel physically sick. But I'd had enough of avoiding the issue and pretending it wasn't there. It was time wave goodbye to that elephant once and for all.
05/25/2015 05:43 EDT
3 Ways to Prepare Yourself For a Major Life Image Source

3 Ways to Prepare Yourself For a Major Life Change

Combining my own experience with the work I've done with my clients, I've observed themes that support change. Simply put, some things work better than others. Here are three things that make managing a major life change just a little bit easier.
05/17/2015 10:44 EDT